Weekend Manicure Spam!

I did one of these about a month ago and I got a lot of positive feedback from it.  So I decided to do it again! One problem with blogging about nail polish is that I don’t like to show the same manicure twice, or review a polish multiple times.   But I am also a girl who likes to wear nail polish.  I don’t buy nail polish just to wear it once, write about it and then move on to the next one.  I buy polish to wear it!

So while I don’t always show it on here, I do wear a lot of polish multiple times, I just don’t showcase it here! I do try to show it on my Instagram, and if you want to follow me my user name is MissHollyBerries.  But here are pictures of some manicures that I’ve been really enjoying and some of these are new to my collection! And yes, I do change my nail polish almost every day! Hope you enjoy this manicure spam

To read about formulas, see swatches of the nail polishes on their own, or to here my thoughts on each one, just click on the names of each polish below the picture and it will take you to my original post on each polish.

Julep “Delaunay” and China Glaze “Lubu Heels”

I’ve never done a review of China Glaze “Lubu Heels” because its a polish that I bought a long time ago, before I started blogging.  I’ve thought about trying to swatch and photograph all my “older” polishes, but I’m still undecided on that.

The second picture is more color accurate!

Julep “Alma” and Pop Beauty “Foggy”

Julep “Alma” and OPI “Ski Teal We Drop”

I used a lot of Julep polishes from my September box.  That was totally not intentional! I’m in no way affiliated with Julep but I just really love that mustard color! I think mustard yellow might be my fall color this year!

What do you guys think of these manicures? Which one is your favorite? I hope you guys liked this post! Please let me know if you want to see more posts like this??

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