This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Ghosts!

Today’s theme for the Halloween challenge is Ghosts.  Being a huge horror movie fan, and a huge fan of being scared in general, I love ghosts.  But I’m more of a fan of the spooky, demon type ghosts rather than the Casper the Friendly Ghost type of ghost.

I also was inspired by Emma at Manicurity’s manicure.  For the first day of the challenge, “inspired by a horror movie”, she did a manicure that was a white and black wispy manicure that was inspired by The Mothman Prophecies.  I loved how it looked so I kind of stole her idea and turned it into a demon-type ghost.

How I did this manicure: I painted my nails white, and then took a more sheer black that I have in my collection.  I took out the brush out of the bottle and cleaned off the brush as best as I could.  Then I gently put the brush to the nail around the nail.  On the ring finger I tried to create a head and body (sort of).  Then I took a red polish and dotted the eyes and intertwined some red swipes with the black.

Polishes used:

  • Julep “Kate” (white)
  • Zoya “Raven” (black”
  • OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry” (red)

What I liked about this manicure is that you don’t need any special tools or skills.  Its like nail art for beginners, which I totally am!

What do you guys think? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you like the scary ghosts or the friendly ghosts better?


10 thoughts on “This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Ghosts!

  1. I love this! This just makes me think of white noise and what kind of images ghost hunting equipment would pick up! I think our minds’ interpretation of an image is much scarier than a uniform ghost that looks exactly like a person!

  2. I can see the ghos! Very nice Holly :). I don’t know my aunty have seen some before she died but i think they are there but you need to experience it first

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