Misa “Quirky Smile”

My nail polish collection is a huge mess at the moment.  I have been storing all my polishes on 2 racks for the last year and a half.  Well, I outgrew the racks about a year ago and all the overage has been spilling into a shoe box.  I know, its the worst way to store polish and it really is awful for me to remember which polishes I’ve worn and which I still need to try out.  Well my shoe box method sucks because I’ve now outgrown the shoe box as well.  I recently purchased another rack of Amazon and while I’m waiting for it to come in, I’ve been sorting through my collection.  That’s when I saw that I still had never tried this baby that Zenorah sent me in our swap almost a year ago! Zenorah, I’m very very sorry its taken me this long to finally wear this gorgeous polish and like all the rest you sent me, you have impeccable taste!

Misa “Quirky Smile” came out in the What I Like About You Fall 2010 collection.  This is a medium to dark teal shimmer that really glows on the nail.  I normally don’t like shimmer finishes but this one seemed to just radiate off my nails and really made the darker teal seem extremely vivid when the sun hit it.

The formula on this polish was positively perfect! It was almost opaque in 1 coat, but this is 2 in the pictures.  The formula wasn’t streaky at all, which sometimes can be an issue with shimmer polishes.  The polish evened out nicely. The dry time was really nice as well and dried very glossy.  This is no top coat and look how much this polish just shines and glows.
This polish looks really really close to Butter London “Bluey”, which I just wore and had shown on here a few days ago.  Maybe I had this shade on my mind, but they are extremely similar.  The only difference between this and Bluey is that Bluey has more of a foil finish and this has more of a shimmer finish.  I think I’m going to do a comparison post really soon because I want to see if these are true dupes!  If you love this type of shade, I recommend going for the Misa right now because its mope opaque, easier to apply and much cheaper!

What do you guys think of this polish? Would you want to see a comparison post between this and Bluey, kind of a look for less type post? What are your favorite teals?

12 thoughts on “Misa “Quirky Smile”

  1. I am soooo happy you like it =) I would love to see a comparison swatch because they do look super similar!!! I have have worn a lot of the polishes you sent me thus far but I have been so backed up in blog posts, it’s is strange how well you know exactly what polishes I would love but I often over look. I swear it’s like a nail polish twin sense haha

    • lol we do have some sort of twin sense! i never would have picked this and i like it more than the butter london, and you know i’m a butter london addict. this just glows! i want to try it with some glitter next. thanks so much for this! its an amazing polish

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