October Julep Mavens Box!

In all honesty, I’ve been putting this post off for almost 2 weeks.  I got my box September 29 and immediately dug in to try everything out.  Well, 2 weeks later, I’m dreading writing this post.  Why? Because its going to be a long one and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to convey my feelings on this box correctly.  So brace yourselves, keep an open mind and lets hope I can type out how I feel about these products.

 Before I start talking about what was in the box, I guess I need to explain which box this is and how I got it.  For all of you who don’t know what the Julep Mavens Program is, its a monthly subscription service where for $20 a month they send you nail polish and nail related items from Julep.  This month, I got the “Mavens Choice” box rather than my normal “It Girl” Box.

When I first got my email showing my what was inside my box this month, Julep said that instead of giving me a box they were going to let me choose.  I guess that people switch so often that they are experimenting with a new form of sending boxes.  When I first saw all the polishes I was really disappointed.  They were sending a “Crackle” polish in every box but one, and the one box that didn’t get a crackle you only really got 1 nail polish and then 1 clear polish.  So I had every intention of skipping October.  Well, I guess a lot of people expressed their disapproval because a day before my credit card was going to be charged, I logged on and there was an extra 6th box that had all creme shades.  Needless to say, I hate crackle so I picked the new 6th box.

Keep reading for my thoughts and swatches of all the colors!

As well as getting the “Maven’s Choice” box, I also purchased an “Add On.” Julep allows you to buy any of the products that are included in other boxes for a very discounted rate.  This 30 ml bottle of drip dry drops normally retails for $14, but when you add it on inside your box, you pay $4.99.  I haven’t tried any other drip dry drops besides the OPI, which I had mixed feelings about, so I wanted to try out these.

This picture is just to show you that the Quick Dry Drops are a seriously huge bottle.  They are way bigger than a typical Julep nail polish.

My experience with the Quick Dry Drops has not been so stellar though.  I bought these because I have a bottle of OPI top coat which is not a quick dry top coat that is a pretty good top coat, but I never use it because I hate waiting for my manicure to dry.  I thought these would be an awesome way to use that top coat.  Sadly, they don’t work with that top coat.  I find that they don’t dry my manicure at all!  I want to say that this is just a gimmicky product and do not waste your money.  But half of me wants to keep trying and giving these drops the benefit of the doubt.  I’ve only tried using them with the OPI top coat and maybe these only work with Julep brand nail polishes and no top coat.  I doubt if that’s the case, but either way I’m not impressed.  The only thing I like is that this product has a VERY strong lavender scent.  I love lavender so that’s a plus for me, but if you don’t like that smell you’ll probably hate these.

Every month Julep sends me an “extra.” Most of the time my extra is some candy.  I kind of expected that they would throw in some candy corn since it is October, but I was so shocked that they sent even more! They haven’t put in an extra that hasn’t been candy (or last month a magnet) in almost a year! The last time I got a good surprise nail-related extra was in January.  This month I got 2 pots of nail glitter.

For all of you guys who don’t know what nail glitter is, its basically regular finely milled glitter that’s similar to cosmetic glitter.  The premise behind these is really similar to the Caviar manicures and the Velvet manicures.  You paint your nail with any color that you want (or in my case I used clear polish) and then while the polish is still wet you dip your nail into the pot.  The glitter sticks to the wet polish and gives you an opaque glitter manicure!

(this picture shows up much it sparkles! look at my index finger, thats how bright and sparkly the orange one is)

What I like about these glitter pots: they are so simple to use! Simple and quick! Seriously using this gave me one of the fastest manicures ever! I think I did all 10 nails in less than minutes.  I applied a clear coat and while it was wet I just dipped my nail in.  Then move don to the next nail.  You can’t mess this up.

What I didn’t like: these things are MESSY! I got glitter everywhere! I applied the glitter over a white piece of paper so I wouldn’t waste any glitter that fell off my nail, but I still wasted a ton.  After you dip your nail in, the glitter grabs to your skin as well.  After you bring your nail out of the pot you can gently press down on the glitter to make sure its all stuck to the nail, but I found that the glitter still fell off.  I would move my hands and see glitter just falling off and sparkling in the air.  No matter what I did I got glitter all over my face, clothes, hands, everywhere.  And you cannot use a top coat over top because it creates a tacky, splotchy, glopey mess.  Also, I found that they chipped too.

Overall, I love that they sent these to me because I never would have purchased them on their own.  I love how simple they are to use and any new beginner can easily use these.  I absolutely hated how much glitter fell off and how it got everywhere.  The texture is also pretty pretty.  Basically these are cool but a big mess.

Ok, now onto the colors!

Eloise: Eloise is a dark muted dusty blue.  A little more blue toned than a slate blue but has some grey tones to it too.  Can you tell from the picture that I applied this after taking the black glitter off, because I couldn’t get it off of my cuticles! This is a color that is right up my alley in the fall.  Perfect fall blue creme! Formula was pretty good, needing 2 coats to be completely opaque.  This is without a top coat so you can see that it doesn’t dry that glossy, but it isn’t that bad of a finish either.  The only negative, I have a few polishes in my collection that are exactly the same, and one that is almost a dead on dupe (I did comparison swatches, so look for a comparison post soon!)  Overall, I like this color even though it isn’t completely unique.

Lisa: Lisa is a light taupe grey creme.  I really like this color! Its such a nice cool toned light taupe.  The formula on this one was like Eloise, meaning that it was very nice and needed 2 coats to be opaque.  I have to say that most Julep cremes that I’ve tried are opaque in 1 coat so all of these polishes were a little bit of a disappointment but they were all on the runnier side. They weren’t watery, but they were pretty thin while being nicely pigmented.  Like Eloise, this isn’t unique at all and I can think of a few polishes in my collection that are similar.  I think this might be the coolest tone of this light taupe color I own though, so it gets points for that.

Keira: Keira is a dark wine/burgundy red creme.  Again, not unique at all but a perfect color for fall. The formula is the same on this one too.  Watery but pigmented, needing 2 coats to be opaque.  The finish is like the others as well, not super glossy but nice and even.  Definitely a color I love and gravitate towards, but I have a ton of these in my collection already.

If I would pick out the perfect box for starter nail polish girls it would be this box.  This box had great fall colors, a cool new nail trend (the glitter pots), and quick dry drops.  But in my opinion, the colors aren’t unique, the drops didn’t work and the nail trend is cool, but not for me.  This might be the first time I can say I like this box but I don’t like this box.  The colors are exactly the colors I like to wear, but I have so many that I don’t know how often I’ll wear them.  The quick dry drops would be awesome if they worked, which they might if I try them out in a different way.  The glitter pots are cool and messy, and I’m glad that I got to try them but I don’t know how much I’ll use them.

I wish I can come across better in my typing.  I like this box because it really is a good box and totally worth the money.  But not worth the money because I didn’t get anything that I don’t own already or was blown away by.  I think it was well thought out by Julep because all of these things are perfect for fall and perfect for October.

What do you guys think? Are any of you Julep Mavens? Which box did you get and did you like the colors? Do you these colors?

6 thoughts on “October Julep Mavens Box!

  1. Great review, Holly!! I got the It Girl box this month because I didn’t mind the crackle and my colors were different but overall, I enjoyed the box. I do understand what you mean though by being happy and yet disappointed because the colors are very similar to so many others that are available at lower cost. Hopefully the colors get more unique for Christmas!! 🙂

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