Crying Widow Halloween Makeup

Hey guys, I need some advice.  Last year I posted a few Halloween tutorials on here and on my YouTube channel.  Back then I didn’t have as many subscribers/blog followers as I have now, but it seemed like the looks that I did were not that popular.  I really want to try doing some Halloween looks again and also incorporating more makeup onto my blog.

I’m looking for your feedback! I did this Halloween makeup today and filmed it, but don’t know if I’m going to post the tutorial yet.  I was wondering if any of you would be interested in seeing this makeup tutorial, or if these pictures are good enough.
Any feedback, positive or negative, is welcome!

Basically I was going for a Black Widow type of makeup.  Black widows aren’t just spiders, but women who kill their husbands are also known as Black Widows.  I wanted to do a purple smokey eye and then black tears coming down her face.  You can also change it up and do red instead of purple and make it look more like a demon or a devil.

So I started with a purple smokey eye makeup:

Products used:

  • Eye primer
  • Black gel liner (as a base) all across the lid
  • Matte medium toned brown shadow, just to blend out the edges of the gel liner
  • Dark purple shimmery shadow across the lid, on top of the gel liner
  • Black matte shadow in the crease
  • Medium toned matte purple shadow in the inner third of the lid
  • Black matte shadow (the same as the one in the crease) on the lower lash line
  • Medium toned matte purple shadow right below the black on the lower lash line
  • Black pencil liner on the water line and tight line
  • Mascara

Products used on the face:

  • Revlon Color Stay foundation
  • Garnier Anti-Dark Circle eye roller
  • A very light, brightening concealer under the eyes for extra brightness (that Kim K. look)
  • Powder to set it all
  • Matte bronzer in the contour
  • Lips have a little concealer on them, and then a nude lip gloss

So that is the makeup that I started with, and then I “Halloween-ified” the look and added the black tears and a deeper contour.

How I got the black tears:

  • I took a black pencil and lightly traced where I wanted the tears to fall
  • Mixed the same matte black and matte purple shadows I used in the eyes and smudged the black pencil, and smudged it all the way down (that part took a light hand)
  • After I got all the smudging down my face, I loaded up my brush with the matte black shadow and then dipped the tip of the brush in water.
  • I then traced the smudged shadow with the wet brush and the result looked like tear trails

(I had to know what it looks like with flash)

What do you guys think? I’m a little nervous to upload this tutorial so I want some honest feedback on what you guys think of this makeup!

13 thoughts on “Crying Widow Halloween Makeup

  1. I think it’s cute. I’m not everybody would get what it was supposed to be, though. (I usually think that about anything that’s not just utterly obvious, probably because I tend to assume most of the people at many Halloween parties are going to be dead drunk. I may be a bit cynical about that!)

    • aww thank you! i think you can still be pretty with this makeup, just tone it down a little maybe. or just do the first part. i still haven’t figured out what i’m gonna be for halloween tho

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