This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Jack-O-Lanterns!

I’m a day late posting this, and if you follow me on Instagram then you might have a few inclinations why.  I needed something to cheer me up and keep my mind occupied so I decided to still do this days challenge.  Nail polish always makes me smile so I figured I would try out the most “cute” of all of the challenges.  Keep in mind, the reason I’m trying to do this is to force myself to do more nail art.  So this is my elementary school, kindergarten attempt at some nail art.

Basically I free-handed these designs and I have no idea why I picked my ring and index finger.  I probably was lazy and just stopped at those two nails.  But I placed a drop of polish in each “section” (like a drop for each eye) and then used a tooth pick to form the shapes that I wanted.  I doubt that’s how you’re supposed to do it, but oh well, thats what I did.

The polishes that I used were China Glaze “Peachy Keen” for the base peach color.  Orange pretty much hates my skin tone, so much that it reacts rather violently to it.  I try never to wear orange but I do have a ton of peaches and bright tangerine shades.  I felt like this one was orange enough to make it look like pumpkins but not orange enough were I will hate this manicure with a passion.  Then I used Zoya “Raven” for the black face parts.  But obviously, you can use whatever orange and black you want!

I like the creepier Jack-O-Lantern on my ring finger.  But what do you guys think? Is this a manicure that you would do? I would love your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Jack-O-Lanterns!

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