The Look for Less! Dupe Alert?

After getting my October Julep Maven’s box I couldn’t get 2 of the colors out of my mind.  I said in that post that I they weren’t that unique of colors and I really thought I had dupes of them in my collection.  Well, I bring you a “Dupe Alert” post! I looked through my collection and found a really cheap polish drugstore polish that I also featured relatively recently.  Julep “Eloise” and Sinful Colors “Rain Storm”, both steely darker blues, but one is $12 cheaper than the other! They look so similar in the bottle, but are they true dupes? And how do the formulas compare?

Keep reading for swatches to see how close they really are!

By looking at the two bottles, these polishes aren’t that similar.  The Julep looks much much darker and a little bit more grey.  The Sinful Colors looks more blue and less saturated.

Lets compare the bottles and prices first:

– Sinful Colors “Rain Storm”:

  • $1.99 a bottle and sometimes on sale for 99 cents
  • Available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target (well most drugstores!)
  • .5 fl oz of polish in every bottle

– Julep “Eloise”:

  • $14 a bottle unless you get it in a Mavens box (but that’s chance) or buy it off the website in a Maven’s discount for $11.20
  • Available on and Sephora (but Sephora doesn’t have every color so I don’t know if this exact color is available there)
  • .27 fl oz in every bottle

So lets see how the polishes compare!

Can you see a difference?? Its very slight!

From left to right: Sinful Colors (index), Julep, Sinful Colors, Julep (pinky)

The differences in the colors are so slight on the nail that they’re hardly noticeable! At least to my untrained eye, I can’t see much of a difference as I was painting or uploading the pictures.  The major differences come in the formula.

The Sinful Colors polish formula was thicker but opaque in just 1 coat.  That’s right, 1 coat!  Dry time was a little faster than the Julep.  Only negative, is that it doesn’t dry to as glossy as a finish as the Julep.

The Julep formula on the other hand was thinner, runnier, but not so runny that it was unmanageable.  This is 2 coats in the picture.  Dry time was a little slower than the Sinful Colors, but that could also be because you need more coats.

My Verdict: Sinful Colors wins by a landslide! Its cheaper, you get more product, its more readily available and its a 1 coater.  It was hard going to be hard to beat that.

Hopefully you guys like this and if you were thinking about picking up the Julep polish, know that you have a cheaper alternative!

What do you guys think? Would you pick up either of these polishes? Do you have either of these polishes?

9 thoughts on “The Look for Less! Dupe Alert?

  1. What a piss off… Imagine if you had paid the full $14 for it??!! We don’t have Sinful Colors in Canada so I am liking the Julep but just knowing there are dupes, is so annoying! Great post!!!

    • i know! i got both of these polishes within a few weeks of each other so i was upset that they were so close. oh well, hopefully you can get your hands on some sinful colors if you ever make it to the states

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