Zoya “Fei Fei”

This post is long long long over due! It seems like this fall and winter the nail trends have been all about textures.  Nail polish that is jammed full of different color shimmers that give a gritty and different type of appearance, almost like finely milled granite.  Zoya seemed to start that trend and now if you look at OPI’s and Deborah Lippmann’s holiday collections, they have several polishes that seem to have the same finish.  After seeing swatches of this polish, I knew I had to have it! This type of finish is definitely not one that I would normally be drawn to.  I’m not a huge fan of any type of shimmer finish.  But after seeing swatches I was so drawn to how many different colors were in this polish! And I have to say this polish might have converted me to be a shimmer lover!

Zoya “Fei Fei” is a sheer but ultra shimmery polish that probably has 6 or 7 different colored flecks inside.  All the colors come together to give the most complex finish and a polish that looks different in every light.  The color that you predominantly see is blue, but honestly there aren’t that many blue flecks in there! I found that out when I tried laying this over a really dark polish.

Formula wise, this baby is pretty sheer.  I knew it was going to be sheer and honestly this is one of the few times that I didn’t mind that.  While this does take 3-4 coats to be completely opaque, each coat just shows how complex the polish is.  Each coat adds depth and different layers of color that create the ultra complex final product.

I tried to take pictures at different angles to really capture how this polish looks different in every light.  This picture shows how when the light really hits it, it turns into a icy blue purple shimmer.  The picture above shows that it almost is like a grainy charcoal grey when the light doesn’t hit it.  There’s no way you can capture the true beauty of this polish, you just have to see it in person.  I just hope that my pictures do it justice.

The dry time is pretty fast on the first 2 coats but waiting to start the third coat took a while.  Honestly, I can’t glow about this polish enough and all the things that normally bother me about polish, i.e. slow dry time and sheerness, I don’t mind with this one.

Now for a Fei Fei photo bomb!

One thin coat over OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”

One thin coat over “Lincoln Park After Dark” and I took a blurry picture to show the different color flecks

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do you like this new trend in polish, this texture type of trend?

8 thoughts on “Zoya “Fei Fei”

  1. Oooh, I’ve worn her on her own but didn’t think to layer it over anything! I don’t have After Dark but I do have At Midnight and I’m gonna give that a try! Thanks!!

    • no problem! i really wanted to see exactly what colors were in this polish and the result over a dark polish turned out pretty cool. if you try it over at midnight let me know how it turns out!?!?

  2. I want this one so bad but I am worried it’s too cool toned for my skin tone? what do you think? last time i bought cool tone polishes i had to give them away 😦

    • i dunno the gold in it warms it up a little but it is cooler. i dunno can you order the color spoons? i wouldn’t want you to order it and then have to give it away! but i wonder if you could layer it over a warm toned color

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