Maybelline Eye Studio Cozy Cashmere Eyeshadow Quad!


Do you ever have those products that you don’t really have the urge to buy until you don’t have the opportunity to buy them anymore? That was me with this quad.  I saw it everywhere and always talked myself out of buying it.  I knew I loved the colors but I kept telling myself that I don’t need any more eye shadows and how much would I really wear it? So I held off.

And then, everyone kept talking about how great these quads were so I went back to the store to pick it up, and it was sold out.  It was sold out of the next 4 or 5 stores that I went to.  After that, it became my mission to find this quad! I finally found it last week and have been playing with it ever since.

Keep reading for swatches, 2 different looks I made with this palette, and my review!

The palette comes with 4 shadows, 3 of which are the same size and 1 that is much bigger.  2 of the shades are ultra shimmery and 2 are matte, and all of the colors are very warmed toned.  I think that is why I was drawn to this palette to begin with since I love matte shades and I love warmer neutrals.  And since I have green eyes, I felt like this would be a nice palette to really bring out my eye color.

What I like: I love the colors! I absolutely love that there are 2 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades. I love that the darker brown shimmer has gold shimmer running throughout it.  I love the warm tones to all the colors and I love how pigmented these colors are.  These are swatched without any primer or anything, so hopefully you can tell just how pigmented they really are.  Also, they are very soft and buttery.  The texture and pigmentation just blew me away.

What I don’t like: not much! The one negative thing I can say is that the 2 browner shades, the middle left and the one on the far right are very close in tone.  It just makes some of the looks a little muddy and you can’t get as dark of an eye, or you can’t use it as a liner (which you an with other palettes).  If one of the two was darker I think this palette would be perfect!

Now onto a few looks that I created using this quad.

Day Look:

Natural light, no flash

With flash

Full face, natural light

Full face, with flash!

How I got this look:

  • Champagne shimmer (far left color) in the inner corner and inner third of the lid
  • Champagne shimmer (far left) mixed with the matte brown (far right) in the center of the lid
  • Matte brown (far right) in the outer third of the lid
  • Rusty orange-brown (middle right) in the crease and blended up as my best friend color
  • Brown shimmer (middle left) in the outer v and lightly in the crease
  • Rusty orange-brown (middle right) on the lower lash line


Night Look:

Indoor lighting, no flash

Indoor light, no flash (sorry I didn’t even realize I had mascara marks on my eyes until I uploaded the picture)

With flash

Indoors full face, no flash

Indoor full face, no flash

How I got this look:

  • Rusty orange-brown matte (middle right) across the lid
  • Matte brown (far right) in the crease and blended up as a best friend color
  • Champagne shimmer (far left) in the inner corner as a highlight
  • Brown shimmer (middle left) in the outer v and crease heavily to darken it up
  • Rusty orange-brown matte (middle right) on the lower lash line

Overall, I really really like this quad! I think the overly warm shades are perfect for fall and winter.  I think you definitely can use this for day or night time looks.  The texture of the shadows is so rich and buttery, but not overly flaky or powdery.  The pigmentation is great and they are really easy to blend.  My only negatives is that I wish there was one shade that was slightly darker so I could have the option to use one shade as a liner or majorly smoke out the outer v.

Grade: A-

What do you guys think? Do you like this style of review, where I review the product but also show you how I would use it as well? Would this be a quad that you would buy? Or do you already own this or any of the other Maybelline Eye Studio quads?



8 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye Studio Cozy Cashmere Eyeshadow Quad!

    • aww thanks! i liked the night look but it took a minute to get used to it because i’m not used to wearing the rusty color (i’m more of a neutral girl). i have so many ideas for this palette too

  1. feel like crying……how s that possible that i missed those colors….didnt know it s limited edition….chcecked e bay but it is 2o plus shipping……what should i do…;)?

    • awww i’m sorry! i missed out on the other LE maybelline palettes too and i’m hating myself. i wish i got olive martini so bad! hopefully they’ll re-release it or the price will come down on ebay

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