China Glaze “Its Alive”

My schedule this year has been a little bit of a bitch. I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy and stressed. Any of you thinking of going to law school, seriously think long and hard about it because its a lot of work! This blog is my outlet and I hate that I haven’t put that much time and attention into it.  Anyways, enough venting! I told you there was going to be a Halloween manicure spam coming up!  I save some of these polishes all year just so I can wear them around this time of the year.  This came out in the China Glaze Halloween collection last year, and I got really lucky when I found this.  I wasn’t even looking for Halloween polishes last year and came across this.  I bought it on a whim and it ended up being my favorite Halloween polish last year and once I put it on this year I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to wear it!

China Glaze “Its Alive” is a blackened olive green with olive green glitter and medium sized olive glitter.  The base is a lot darker than you would expect when you just look at it in the bottle, but once you add the second coat you get the olive glitter on the surface and it really brightens up the manicure.  I absolutely love any type of olive green polish and the fact that this one is a glitter really makes it special.  I haven’t found another olive green glitter like this, but if anyone knows of dupes then please let me know!

The formula of this is great.  Its almost opaque in one coat, but to get the depth that you see in the pictures you should use 2.  The dry time is super fast, like a lot of other glitters.  The only negative to this polish is that it falls into the trap of a lot of other glitter polishes.  The brush gets all junky and goopey with caked on glitter.  It makes for a harder application the older the bottle gets.  It does have a really gritty finish which needs a few coats of top coat to get smooth.  But I still love it so I’ll just deal.  This manicure stayed on me for 4 days without a chip as well, which is great considering that most glitters chip on me within a day or 2.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do you know of any dupes? What are your favorite Halloween polishes?

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