Orly “R.I.P.”

We are now onto the next polish in my Halloween nail polish spam.  This also is my last Halloween polish to show to you guys this year.  Don’t fret though, I still have a few more special manicures to finish my Halloween nail art challenge.  But this is my last limited edition Halloween shade.  Every year there seems to be one Halloween polish that I obsess over.  About 3 years ago, that polish was China Glaze “Fortune Teller.” Do any of you have a limited edition polish that you couldn’t get your hands on, that you still think about? That’s “Fortune Teller” for me.  So when I heard that Orly came out with a polish that is very reminiscent of that long gone polish, I knew I had to have it.  I found this almost a month ago and haven worn it about 3 times since I bought it!

 Orly “R.I.P.” is a sheer black jelly base that is packed with orange chunky glitter and silver microglitter.  This polish is very reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann glitters, but the Halloween version! This polish is just perfect for Halloween and definitely my type of polish.  These colored jelly based chunky glitters are some of my favorite polishes.

The formula of this was a little thick, but I expected that for this polish.  For some reason these types of polishes are always on the thicker side.  Dry time was normal, not fast but not too slow either.  The polish is shown with 2 coats and its fully opaque, but I do notice some bald spots.  Which brings me to the only negative I would say about this polish.  The black is sheer so where there wasn’t glitter that covered the nail, there was bald spots.  I tried to manually place some of the glitter but there still was some naked areas.  But for such a pretty color, I can deal with that!

What do you guys think of this polish? Do any of you have this? Do you have any lemming polishes? What are your favorite Halloween polishes?

11 thoughts on “Orly “R.I.P.”

  1. I looked at the title and briefly thought Orly was going out of business or something. (Hey, I was tired.)

    I do love that polish. I have an ongoing project to severely limit the number of polishes I buy, so I don’t usually get limited edition ones unless I just pick one up by accident. But there are always a couple every year that I crave.

    • lol i can see how someone would think that! i am going to start a polish ban after i check out all the holiday collections. i have filled 3 racks completely! i’m not a collector or a hoarder so it bothers me that i have that many

      • My friend Karen always says that’s why she has a nail blog (it’s thekarend.blogspot.com), to have an excuse for buying polish. She was my gateway into all this nail polish craziness. Without her I probably wouldn’t know that things like RBL and Cult Nails – and YouTube nail videos! – even existed.

  2. I had no idea the base of this was black when I quickly glanced at it in store. That makes for a unique polish definitely! It looks great on you too. It’s not just perfect for Halloween, but great for fall in general. I might have to take a second look at this one. Thanks for sharing Holly – as always, I love your posts!

    • aww thank you! thats so sweet. if you can still get your hands on this it definitely is a great polish for fall and winter. i really like the black jelly base glitter polishes like deborah lippmann bad romance and ruby red slippers for the winter. this one fits in perfectly with those

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