Revlon “Sparkle Aplenty”

I found this polish randomly at Walgreens a few weeks ago.  I bought it on a whim and brought it home and regretted it almost immediately.  Once I looked at it with OPI’s “Metallic for Life” I thought crap I bought another dupe.  Then I featured it on my last massive nail polish haul video on my YouTube page and so many people told me that this is the new coveted, hard to find, revlon polish! It used to be Scandalous (also known as Facets of Fuchsia) or Starry Pink (also known as Popular) (damn you Revlon for changing your names all the time!), that used to be hard to find.  I must have been living under a rock or completely absent from the nail polish world because I had no clue this even existed or that it was a drugstore fan favorite at the moment.

Revlon “Sparkle Aplenty” surprisingly isn’t very “sparkly”!  Sparkle Aplenty is a black jelly base that is packed full of silver microglitter and chunky pieces of silver matte glitter and black matte glitter.  I kind of like the fact that the name indicates that it would be sparkly, but this is a matte glitter bomb.  I love the matte finish of the glitters because it makes this so different.  I also love that there are black chunky glitter pieces in there.  I didn’t expect that at all! And I don’t think they show up too much in my swatches.  So I tried to take a macro shot of the bottle to better show the black matte glitters in there.  Forgive my camera skills, I don’t have a great blogging camera and since I don’t get paid to do this, I won’t have the funds any time soon for a better one.

This picture shows the black pieces in this polish! I wish it showed up better on the nail.  The formula of this polish was so so.  It was on the thicker side but not too think that it wasn’t workable.  Also, the glitter applied very easily, no fishing or extra work needed to get it to cover the nail.  Dry time was also just so so.  Also, the finish of this polish not very glossy and required a few coats of top coat to get it smooth.  If you like a more matte look, this might be perfect for you because the matte glitters give it an overall flat appearance.

One thing that I do want to add is that I tried layering this polish in another manicure before I decided to write this post.  I wanted to know if I could layer it over a grey to make those black matte glitters really pop.  This is definitely too pigmented to be a layering polish! After working with it to get it even over the grey and not streaky, it looked exactly the same as if I would have just applied 2 coats of this on its own.  With this polish, you are getting what you see in the bottle.

What do you guys think of this polish? Have you heard about it yet? Am I the only one who didn’t know that this was that popular?

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