Favorite White, Grey and Black Polishes of ALL TIME!!

Wow this series has seemed to fly by for me! I can’t believe that I’m almost done.  After this video, I just have 1 more for you guys.

For all of you who are new to my blog or YouTube channel, I started a series on my Youtube channel that is all about my favorite colors of all time.  Each video is dedicated to my favorite colors of the rainbow and I started off the series with all my favorite red polishes.  So far I’ve done my favorite reds, pink, oranges, yellow, peaches, greens, teals, blues, purples, browns, nudes, and taupes and now we’re technically done with the ROY G. BIV colors.  But, I still love other colors besides those that are in the traditional rainbow.  This was the next video in the series which is all my favorite whites, greys and blacks.

There are a ton of white and black polishes out there, and I have to admit I haven’t tried that many.  How many different shades of black or white are there? So in the past I’ve bought one and just used it until the bottle was empty.  If you have a favorite white or black that you think I need to try, please let me know in the comments below!

Like the other posts, I’ll insert old blog pictures of all these polishes so you guys can see what they look like.  I hope you enjoy!

polishes mentioned:
sally hansen insta dry “whirlwind white”

(not pictured because I don’t own it anymore) This is my all time favorite white, but I don’t have it in my collection right now.  This is the only time I’ve mentioned a polish that I don’t own, but I’ve owned 2 bottles in the past.  I absolutely love this white polish because its opaque in 2 coats and dries extremely quickly.  Its the perfect base for every manicure! But I have to use up 3 other whites in my collection before I purchase this one again
zoya “snow white

julep “kate”

sally hansen xtreme wear “wet cement”

pop beauty “foggy”

opi “suzi skis in the pyrenees” suede finish

(I don’t have a picture of this polish, sorry guys!)
wet n wild “tangled in my web

(I don’t have a picture of this polish either, wow I’m an awful blogger!)
butter london “the black knight

opi “metallic 4 life

sephora by opi “whats a tire jack?” matte

Honorable mention to Zoya “Raven” which is my go-to black at the moment! I love “Whats a Tire Jack?” but I rarely use it anymore because this bottle is almost gone and I’m savoring it! You can see from the line in the bottle right below the word Sephora, that this polish is more than half way gone because even with me holding it on its side for the swatch the polish doesn’t reach above that line.

Hope y’all enjoyed this! Please please please let me know what your favorite white and black polishes are! I need suggestions for those staple colors!

3 thoughts on “Favorite White, Grey and Black Polishes of ALL TIME!!

  1. I probaly need another white only got a tiny one from the opi outrageous mini’s and got a black one from rimmel london. also need one more of that

  2. For my go to black, I actually use “Liquid Vinyl” by Orly. I find it is a great consistency and slides on really nicely. It has a shiny finish, but with a matte top coat, it looks like a lot like your Sephora swatch above. For white, I generally only use it as a base for nail marbling, so I’ve never really care too much about it. I just use “Paper Mache” by Fingerpaints…although, its not the best consistency ever, so I should probably look at picked up a different one. But because I use white so rarely, I’m sure I won’t replace it until this one is empty.

    From your set of favourites though, I absolutely adore “The Black Knight” and “Metallic 4 Life”. Such pretty black based glitters.

    Thanks for sharing Holly!

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