Zoya “Katherine”

This post is LONG overdue! I was on a swatching spree of all of the Zoya Gloss collection.  I purchased this color in the beginning of September and was obsessed with the raspberry jelly for most of the month.  If you want to see my post about Zoya “Paloma”, click here! Then I tried out the teal in the collection and ended up liking that polish as well, although not as much as Paloma.  If you want to see my post about Zoya “Frida”, click here! And then there was the third jelly in that collection, which went neglected for a while.  I was sort of scared to try that one out because I read it was the most sheer out of the three and also the streakiest.  Then at the end of September I finally tried it out!


Zoya “Katherine” is a dark purple jelly polish.  Y’all know that I love jelly polishes so I had to get the whole gloss collection! This polish was the one that I was the most excited to get in the collection because its a dark purple.  I love dark purple nails because I think they are so chic, sophisticated and sexy.  So I was a little disappointed with this one, as were a lot of other bloggers.

The formula on this polish was very sheer! The above picture shows 4 coats and there is still bald areas in the middle.  I finally got rid of the visible nail line, but the area right int he center of my nail still seems a little bare.  Dry time was slower than the other 2, or maybe it was just my imagination because it needed so many coats.  Either way, this manicure took a long time to do.

But the whole reason I purchased this collection was for the jelly sandwich possibilities.  So after I spent an hour getting the polish to look like this, I wore it for a day and then made a jelly sandwich!  Personally, I think that this was my favorite jelly sandwich of all the ones I created with the Zoya Gloss colors.  This was so dark and vampy but it seriously glowed off the nails! To create this deep, dimensional manicure, I started with Katherine (so 4 coats plus a top coat).  Then I added 1 coat of China Glaze “Electrify”, which is a warm gold and red opaque glitter.  Then I added 1 coat of Sephora by OPI “Traffic Stopper Copper”, which is a chunky copper glitter.  Then I followed with 2 coats of Katherine.  If you’re counting coats, that would be a total of 10 coats of polish! (4 of Katherine, top coat, electrify, traffic stopper copper, 2 coats of Katherine, top coat).

I’m in love with the jelly sandwich! I like it a lot better than Katherine on its own.  But, I won’t be starting with Katherine as a base again, because I felt like I used a fifth of the bottle trying to get it opaque.  10 coats of nail polish on my fingers was worse than having too thick acrylics on! It just ridiculously thick! I’ll definitely use Katherine again in a sandwich manicure, but I’ll probably start off with another one of my purple polishes, and one that is a lot more opaque.

What do you guys think? Do you like this jelly sandwich? What about Katherine on its own? What is your favorite jelly sandwich combo?

14 thoughts on “Zoya “Katherine”

  1. Well, first of all, your Katherine jelly sandwich is gorgeous! Not sure if you’ve read your Instagram yet, but I messaged you on there because after seeing your “Favorite Glitters” video, I had to run out to find Hidden Treasure and essie’s Shine of the Times. Anyway, while I was out and about this morning, I went to Ulta to use my 20% off coupon and picked up Katherine. When I started reading your review, I was like…well dayum….but as it turned out, you love it – so I’m good! LOL Not sure what I’ll pair it with; I was thinking of layering it with Jem or Yasmeen or Mimi. I dunno…I’m not good at putting polishes together! HA!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    • hopefully you found shine of the times! hidden treasure was a super limited edition polish a couple years ago that people went crazy over. it was before i really started reading nail polish blogs so i had no idea how coveted it was until a year later. then randomly about a year and a half or 2 years ago i found a random bottle on the bottom shelf of a deodorant section in a drugstore, like someone stashed it there to hide it and buy it later. so i have a backup bottle of it. but now there are a ton that are exactly the same! shine of the times and nubar “2010” are exactly the same. and i do really like katherine but just as a layering polish. on its own its almost too sheer! if you layer it over jem or yasmeen let me know how it turns out!!! i would love to see that combo!

  2. I found ’em both! I found the essie at WalMart *ick* and Hidden Treasure at Super Target. I will say that the SH looks more like butterLONDON’s Knackered than Shine of the Times, but my eyes are old and what do I know?! LOL I’m wondering if they changed the formula or did I misunderstand? I was thinking Hidden Treasure was a flakey but it’s a microglitter. 🙂

    • yeah the sally hansen has a weird story to it. it first came out a couple of years ago and there were 2 polishes, hidden treasure which is exactly the same as shine of the times, and another one that was a sheer duochrome that is like purple/blue/white type color. this year, they re-released the sheer duochrome with the name of the flakie. Scrangie had an amazing explanation and comparison post on it. the original hidden treasure is exactly the same as shine of the times so hopefully you end up like that one, but i haven’t tried the new one so hopefully its a good polish too.

      • Oooh, well…thanks for the clarification! 😉 I’ll go to Scrangie’s blog to read her explanation and to see the comparisons! Have you done any videos for those of us who don’t have a clue about putting colors together? Like…I’m just now getting into the accent thing but I’m clueless about putting colors together! I usually keep it safe and do like OPI’s Pinking of You with Teenage Dream as the accent. The same is true with the jellies – I’m not sure how to get the best use from them. I do want to try Zoya’s Frida over Zuza but that’s only because they posted it on their blog! lol

      • lol i just experiment! i can totally try to put together a blog post or a video about what combinations are really cool but its honestly whatever colors you like. there aren’t really any rules about what looks good. i’ve done some awesome combos and i’ve done some awful combos! its whatever i think will look cool together or whatever colors i’m feeling. like my favorite color combos are red and black but i know a lot of other people think that red and black are goth looking. so its whatever you’re comfortable with!

  3. I love this polish, its such a gorgeous colour and it really does make beautiful jelly sandwiches. Although it is quite sheer, I think I did 5 coats before doing the glitter coat and it turned out okay. Still a lot, but I didn’t hate it.

    It is a toss up between Katherine and Frida for my favourites from this collection. Paloma is pretty, but for some reason I gravitate towards the other two.

    • i think paloma ended up being my favorite but this one was my favorite sandwich out of all of them. but i really love it to! i can’t really complain too much because they’re all gorgeous!

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