Weekend Manicure Spam!

Lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with glittery french manicures.  A couple weeks ago I had a thought to try out a certain manicure and ever since then, it seems to be the only manicure I like to do.  I used to love french manicures when I was younger, and then I had a slight change of heart.  I’m not the biggest fan of the traditional french unless its for special occasions, and never on acrylics (french acrylics are the worst type of prom nails).  Lately, the glittery french is calling my name and I keep thinking about all the cool color combinations I can do.

Here are pictures of some manicures that I’ve been really enjoying and some of these polishes are new to my collection! And yes, I do change my nail polish almost every day! Hope you enjoy this manicure spam!  To read about formulas, see swatches of the nail polishes on their own, or to here my thoughts on each one, just click on the names of each polish below the picture and it will take you to my original post on each polish.

Zoya “Sophia” and Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” on the tips

Butter London “Toff” and Sephora for OPI “Only Gold for Me” on the tips

Julep “Lisa” and Butter London “Tart with a Heart” on the tips

What do you guys think of these manicures? Which one is your favorite? I hope you guys liked this post! Please let me know if you want to see more posts like this??

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