This or That: Beauty Blogger Edition Tag

Hey everyone!

So its been a while since I posted a tag! I was tagged by Beauty Expressions by Luchessa to do this tag and I have contemplated doing this video for quite a while.  So I figured I could do this as a post and get some of my preferences out there for you guys! Its a nice little way to get to know me a little better.

The tag:

1. Blush or Bronzer?
Blush, hands down.  If I’m doing my makeup I can’t skip blush.  I really only wear bronzer if I have time or am really really pale that day.  Or if I’m going out to a bar or club on a Saturday night.  If I’m going out at night I’ll do a heavier contour.  So blush wins by far.

2. Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Probably lipgloss because I own more lipgloss.  But I really don’t wear either! I like chapstick and other types of balms.  But I did recently pick up some dark lip liners and a red lipstick.  I really wanted to try a red lip this holiday season! So stay tuned for my review on those liners and lipstick.

3. Chapstick or Lip butter?
Chapstick.  I don’t think I own a lip butter besides the Revlon one, and I’m not the biggest fan of the Revlon lip butters.

4. Matte or Sparkle Eyeshadow?
Matte, hands down.  This was another easy answer for me.  I wear mostly only matte shadow.  On an every day basis I wear a shimmer or sparkle is on the inner corner or on the inner third of my lid.  Other than that, its all matte.  When I’m going out at night I might put a little more shimmer on but I still have to have a matte shadow as my best friend color and in my outer v.

5. Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Liner?
All of the above! I love liquid for my every day liner on my upper lash line.  I love gel for its versatility, because you can use it as a liner on your upper lash line, lower lash line, and waterline or use it as a base all across your lid.  Pencil I love for my water line and tight line, or to smudge on my upper lash line for a smokey look.  Love them all.

6. Foundation or Concealer?
Probably foundation because for me it can double as concealer under my eyes.

7. Liquid or Powder Foundation? 
Both.  I normally would have said liquid and wondered who would pick powder, but right now I’ve been using my Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation and love it.  I don’t even reach for my liquid foundations and haven’t in about 2 months.  So I like both.

8. Neutral or Statement eye? 
Neutral.  My every day eye is really simple and kind of elementary when it comes to makeup.  When I go out I tend to stick to neutrals too but make it a little heavier.

9. Pressed or Loose shadows? 
Pressed.  I think I have 2 pigments and never use them!

10. Waterproof or Non Waterproof?
Depends on the mascara and the time of year.  In the summer I do like waterproof if I’m boating.  I’ve said a lot in the summer that I’m a boater and once Friday hits, I’m sitting my ass on the boat until Sunday night.  In those days I’m living in water proof mascara.  Other than that, I like regular much better because it isn’t a pain in the ass to get off

10. Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?

11. Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighters?
I only have powder highlighters.  Highlighters are like bronzer, I maybe wear highlighters 3 or 4 days a month, if I remember to apply it, if I’m wearing a heavier makeup or if I’m going out at night. So my highlighter collection is rather limited.

If any of you guys want to do this tag, please please please do it! I follow a lot of nail blogs but if anyone who loves makeup too wants to do this tag than please do so and let me know in the comments!

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