Hare Polish “Supernova Springs”

There is a very important reason I decided to write this post today, at this time.  I just got an email that Nikole, the maker of Hare Polish, will be restocking her Etsy store with almost her ENTIRE stock at 7 pm (EST).  That means everything! All of her early creations as well as her newest fall lines.  The only thing that won’t be included is last years Halloween collection (there may be 1 or 2 of them) in today’s sale.  The last time she restocked her shop I got 4 polishes and she posted so many that she didn’t sell out for a few days. So even if you’re reading this a little late, check out her Etsy page here to see if anything is still left.  She sells her polishes directly for a cheaper rate than she does on Llarowe, so even if I only save a few bucks I like to purchase from Etsy. So all of you waiting to make a Hare Polish order, this might be an amazing opportunity to snag some great polishes!

One of the polishes that I picked up last time was “Supernova Springs.” Hare Polish “Supernova Springs” is a sheer black jelly base packed with green glitter. The color may not be as unique as some of her other polishes, but this one is definitely me.  Its a dark jelly with green glitter! It seems to just glow green off your nails, like a blackened China Glaze “Emerald Sparkle” (if you guys have seen that hard to find gem).

This polish was like Midsummer’s Midnight (check out my post on that one here!), it was really sheer.  This is 3 coats and the 3rd coat was loaded on pretty heavily because I didn’t want to wait to do a 4th coat.  The dry time on the first 2 coats was pretty good but because I did a really thick 3rd coat, that coat took a second to dry.  I did trying layering this one and it is a pretty nice layering polish.  I wore it over a grey and it turned it into a pretty charcoal with green glitter.  So this polish does have more versatility than just loading on the coats or wearing it over black.  I like this polish, but I personally would recommend other Hare Polishes (like Bisbee, A Positive, Dog Day Dream, Archipelago, and Asteroid Turf) if you’re thinking about purchasing in this sale.

What do you guys think? Do any of you guys have any Hare Polishes? Are you thinking of picking a few of these up? What are your favorite indies?

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