Orly “Rage”

Another oldie but goodie.  One thing I realized when I was making the videos about all of my favorite polishes, and the corresponding blog posts, was that there are a lot of polishes that I’ve never featured on here.  Some of my favorite polishes of all time are ones that I purchased before I started blogging.  Once I started blogging, I was featuring all of my newer polishes, or layering combinations with some of my older ones.   This is one of my favorite metallics of all time and I bust it out all the time for some fun glitter layering combos.  I actually was planning on wearing this polish underneath another new glitter that I recently picked up from CVS and instead ended up wearing it on its own for a day.  I realized that I’ve never featured this polish on its own and this polish is one that deserves more than just 1 moment in the spotlight.

Orly “Rage” is a rose gold foil.  A very simple shade but it really packs a punch.  I held off buying this polish for such a long time because I didn’t think I would wear it that often.  But this polish is my most worn foil shade in my entire collection.  There is something about the cool pink tone that doesn’t really appear pink unless you’re really looking at it that flatters almost every single skin tone.  Its simply stunning once you have it on, even though it doesn’t look like much in pictures or in the bottle.  There is something that can be said about simplicity and femininity I guess. The formula is great as well.  This polish is opaque in 2 coats and dries pretty quickly.  It’s the perfect goldilocks formula for me, not to thin not to thick, just right. I love this shade and its my go-to foil for most glitter bomb manicures.  When I want my digits to look like a crazy disco ball/tin foil/faux minx manicure, I reach for this or another one of my favorite foils for a base.

What do you think of this polish? Were you sucked into the hype of this polish like I was? Or do you have another rose gold foil polish that you like better?

11 thoughts on “Orly “Rage”

  1. Well, it’s just gorgeous, isn’t it?! Like you, I held off getting this one for so long and it’s been sitting in my collection unused. Can you believe it?! I need to pull it out and try it on, huh? Thanks for the nudge! ❤

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