Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Review!

I am super late on this band wagon! I have said in previous posts that I’m not the type of girl who goes crazy over lip products.  I’m going to be honest, I almost always skip lips when I’m getting ready.  I used to love wearing lipgloss but over the last few years, I’ve really neglected that part of the beauty world.

I’m making a conscious effort to try to wear more lip products and to expand my color comfort zone.  I’ve always heard amazing things about the Revlon lipglosses, especially the super lustrous line, so I caved and bought 2 of the most talked about colors, Lilac Pastel and Coral Reef.  After trying them out for a while, I feel like I can finally tell you guys what I think (better late than never right?).

Keep reading for my thoughts and swatches on my lips!

The applicator is a typical doe foot applicator. Not much to report there.

First impressions on both of these glosses is holy pigmentation! I was surprised just how pigmented they appear.  I have a few glosses in my collection that are really pigmented but I think these might be the most pigmented of all of the glosses I own.  But does the pigmentation stand up against my natural lip color?

Lilac Pastel, in natural light

Coral Reef, natural light

The pigmentation of the gloss seems to do nicely to camouflage my natural lip color.    The texture is really nice for how pigmented they are.  I thought they were going to be really really sticky, but they aren’t that sticky.  I would say that they lean more on the thick side rather than the thin and slippery side.  I must admit I like sticky glosses (I think I’m one of the few), so to me these have a nice texture, but I can see some other girls might think they’re too thick.  Because they are a thicker formula, I found the wear time is about 2-3 hours without eating, drinking or excessive talking/rubbing my lips together.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Super Lustrous glosses! They’re very pigmented and have a really nice texture (to me).  I love Coral Reef, both on its own and layered over stains and lipsticks.  Lilac Pastel doesn’t look great on its own, but it really neutralizes warmed toned pink lipsticks.  It adds that little hint of a blue tone to a lipstick that might not be the perfect match for your skin tone.  One negative is that because these are so pigmented they won’t be the best layering glosses for everything.  If you just want to add a little shine to your favorite lipstick, these won’t work for you because they’re change the color completely.  I don’t mind because I’m still warming up to the idea of wearing lip products on a daily basis so these are great to just throw on and have great color for a few hours.

Grade: A-

Price: $5-$7 depending where you buy.  I got these for $5.99 at Walgreens

10 thoughts on “Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Review!

  1. Bobbi Brown has some pretty sticky glosses. I dislike sticky lip glosses but I have the Coral Reef one and I love it despite how thick it is. If you like pigmented lip glosses, check out NYX lip products. I finally got a few and they’re great.

  2. When I’m “normal” I have a multitude of lip products I rely on. Blame this on my grandmother who owned, literally, every shade of lipstick Revlon produced. She let me play with them, so at an early age I decided there was nothing wrong with owning an arsenal of lip products. I’ve found Sephora’s brand of lipstick to be divine-both in texture and flavor. I like their sheers the best. I recently picked up a Tarte lipstick for a wedding and love how easy it is to apply when I’m without a mirror. When I’m doing my five-minute make-up routine, I use BeneTint on my cheeks and lips. It lasts forever under lip balm or gloss and looks great no matter what shade my skin is. I even have a mini-tube for my purse. I also discovered Burt’s Bees lip glosses last summer. They aren’t sticky at all, taste quite good, and provide just the right amount of shine and shimmer to natural lip color, stain, or lip stick.

    • i’ve wanted benetint for freaking ever! i want all 3 so bad because they seem so easy and effortless. i’m also a huge burts bee’s fan. and its awesome how we have some memories with makeup … my grandmother always wears the same shade of lipstick from revlon and covergirl. thats the only makeup she wears and has for years, so whenever i see brown warm nudes i think of her.

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