November Julep Mavens Box


I say this before every Julep Mavens review, but I have a major love/hate relationship with Julep. September blew me away, October was amazing as well but the colors we’re that unique, so November had some big shoes to fill.  And this month I’m just as happy! I’m ecstatic that Julep sent me an all matte polish box and aside from small complaints, I really am impressed.

Keep reading for swatches and my review of the polishes and products!

The first thing that Julep included in the box was 3 of their nail polish remover pads.  This isn’t the first time that Julep has sent me these pads, I believe I got them the first time in my December or January box last year.  I had a very positive experience with 1 the first time so I was really excited to get these in my box.

The first time I had these nail polish remover pads, they were a red color.  These pads are basically a piece of felt that is saturated with nail polish remover.  These really are great for removing nail polish and perfect for travel.  The first time I used these I took them on a trip to New York City.  One pad takes off all of my nail polish really easily.  The major test was whether these could take off glitter off all 10 digits.  Happy to report these did! Really great product! There are only 2 negatives with these pads.  1. Once you use a particular part of the pad and there is nail polish on the pad, you can’t use that part anymore because it will not take any polish off (does that make sense?).  2. They dry out fast, so work fast! You can apply more nail polish remover to a pad to make them wet again, but that defeats the purpose of this product.

Now onto the colors! All of the colors in my box were what Julep calls Suede shades.  Basically, these are matte shades with a ton of silver microglitter.  Also, these are exactly the same as the OPI Suede shades.

Hailee: Julep describes this s a Khaki Green Suede shade. This does have a slight green tone to it but I see this more as a grey than a green.  The dry time is great, as with most matte shades.  This is 2 coats.

Nora: Julep describes this as a aubergine suede shade.  This color does lean a little purple, but like Hailee I think it is more of a grey than true purple.  Dry time is great and this is also 2 coats.

I had to know how these compare to my OPI Suede colors! So I busted out OPI “Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees” Suede and OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” Suede.  Lincoln Park Suede ended up being way too purple so I didn’t even photograph that comparison with Nora, but I compared both of these with Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees.  Sizi Skis is one of my favorite grey polishes and is more of a true charcoal grey matte.

From left to right: Julep (index), OPI, Julep, OPI (ring)

From left to right: Julep (index), OPI, Julep, OPI (ring)

The finishes are exactly the same! Julep basically took the name and the idea of the OPI Suede colors.  The colors are slightly different but both of the Julep shades lean very grey.  My OPI colors are definitely more colorful.  Biggest difference is that the swatches of my OPI Suede polishes are all 1 coat and the Julep’s are all 2.

My third polish this month was a matte top coat.  That sold me on the whole box because I don’t have a matte top coat.

Revlon “Plum Night” (review to come!)

Since this is my first matte top coat I don’t know if my review is going to be that great.  I don’t have anything to compare this to, but I can say that I do really like it.  I did find that I needed a pretty thick coat to get the polish totally matte and not streaky.  I started with a normal layer of top coat and once it dried it was a little streaky.  So the index finger and middle finger have 2 thin coats.  The ring finger and pinky both have just 1 coat, but its a thick coat.

Overall, I really like this box! But if you don’t like matte shades, this box won’t be for you.  I love the matte trend so I’m really happy.  I will say I was a little shocked not to get candy in my box like I normally get, but I’m not that upset about it.  This box does seem a little light after my last two boxes, which were both packed with stuff, but I’m pretty happy.

What do you guys think? Are any of you a Julep Maven? What box did you get and what were your thoughts?

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