Spoiled “Jewelry Heist”

Whenever I’m at CVS I check out the Wet ‘n Wild Spoiled display.  For all of you not from the US, Spoiled  is another nail polish line from Wet ‘n Wild that is exclusive to CVS, a drugstore here. Because theses polishes are only $1.99, I always grab about 10 different shades before putting them all back.  While they’re totally affordable, most of the polishes aren’t that unique.  This is one of those shades that I always pick up and put back, telling myself that I own way too many chunky glitters that I don’t need another one to take up room on my racks.  I finally cracked the other day after watching a nail polish collection video on Youtube and bought this super popular polish!

Spoiled “Jewelry Heist” is made up of rose gold/pink chunky glitter, yellow-green chunky glitter, and blue microglitter, all suspended in a clear base.  This is definitely a unique shade to my collection.  I’m wearing 2 coats Butter London “Teddy Girl”, which is an opaque baby pink, as the base.  I love how all the colors go together in this polish.  But sadly, I’m not as in love as I thought I would be.  This is 2 coats on every finger but the pinky because I wanted to show you how sheer it was. The pinky has just 1 coat on and you can see that you get about 4 pieces of the chunky glitter per coat.  I found that I was fishing to get more pieces on the brush, which I don’t really like to do.

I had to try it out over my Orly “Rage” manicure that I featured yesterday, to see if it would look better over a rose gold metallic.

2 coats of Rage, then 3 coats of Jewelry Heist in natural light

2 coats of Rage, 3 coats of Jewelry Heist, with flash

2 coats of Rage, 3 coats of Jewelry Heist, natural light

Overall, its a great color combination and I like how it looks in the bottle. But I hate how sheer it is and how I have to fish for chunky pieces! The formula wasn’t that thick for a chunky glitter but the dry time seemed to take a little longer than usual.  This polish is ok, but kind of time consuming.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do you have any other Spoiled colors?

6 thoughts on “Spoiled “Jewelry Heist”

  1. I LOVE this color and the other chunky glitters from Spoiled but I found that I had to dump a quarter of the polish out just so that I could get glitter on the brush because it did take forever to dry. Just wait for the glitter to fall to the bottom and it should work better for you. Much less dry time too!

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