Color Club “High Society”

For some reason I have been craving nude nails lately.  And this polish in particular was calling my name.  I used this polish for all of my zombie nail art manicures (I was so obsessed I wore it 3 times in October), and I looked through all of my past posts to see what I had originally said about this polish.  To see my first thoughts on this polish, you can click here!  Confession time, I wrote that first post when I had on a Shellac manicure on! I actually was wearing a dark purple called “Vampire (something)” and it kind of distorted the color and the look of this polish.  So I busted it back out and decided to give this polish the attention it deserves, not over an almost black gel manicure and not with other polishes sponged over top and blood dripping down.  I needed to post this polish in all of its beauty, on its own.

Color Club “High Society” is a light taupey nude type of color.  I want to say it is a greige but I think it leans more to a cool toned nude taupe shade.  This is another shade that Zenorah sent me and she raved about this, and after wearing it a ton I understand why she talked about it so much.  It is seriously a perfect neutral polish.  Its perfect for fall and for a work setting.  I absolutely love the color, it is beyond chic!

Formula wise, this polish is almost perfect.  Its opaque in 2 coats and goes on so smoothly.  It is very self leveling and finishes so glossy.  The consistency is more on the runny side, but not bad runny.  Its thin but really pigmented and the brush stops the polish from just falling onto your fingers.  And the dry time is slightly faster than your average polish.  Honestly, no complaints! This is one of my favorite neutral polishes.  Again proving the Zenorah has impeccable taste and should always pick out my polishes for me.

13 thoughts on “Color Club “High Society”

    • aww thank you!! and i love the mushroom shades too! i have totally be craving them lately too. right now i’m wearing an olive green and just painted them 2 hours ago and already want to change into a nude lol

    • i dunno actually. i got mine in a swap from a friend of mine in canada. they have color club in various stores around canada i think. in the US i heard they’re sold at marshalls, burlington coat factory, and a friend of mine said she gets hers at rite aid but that might depend on the region where you live

  1. Huh. I am not really into neutral colors in general but that looks like one that might suit me, since it’s cool-toned. My grocery store has a lot of nail polish and they have had some Color Club lately so maybe I’ll look for it. (Also, seems like I saw Color Club at Meijer when I was visiting the in-laws. The grocery store I go to is a Texas-only chain so that’s no help to you northerners, I know!)

    • i think this polish would look great on a ton of people. the girl who sent it to me loves it and she says she only wears warm toned colors because they flatter her, and this is a cooler toned polish. and it seems like people down in texas get a ton of great stuff! i’m jealous

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