OPI “Designer De Better”

Fun story! I was at Ulta about a week and a half ago, looking for polishes for a sway and polishes for myself (of course).  I saw this display right at the front of the store that said OPI 2 for $12. OPI’s are normally $8.50 a piece so finding them for $6 a piece seemed like a pretty good deal, if I could find 2 I liked or in the worst case scenario, 2 I didn’t already own.  Imagine my surprise that they had the entire Mini Mouse, Nice Stems (or is it lovely stems), and Muppets collections on this display! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Older collections in their entirety? Ones that I hunted for months just to find picked over displays, never finding that one shade that I wanted? And colors that you might find at a jacked up price on ebay? I ended up grabbing just 2 and both of them happened to be from the Muppets collection.  The fist I have to show you is the one that eluded me all last year!

OPI “Designer De Better” is a light taupey-silver foil.  This polish may not be that special to some but to me, the fact that there are little orange flakes in the polish really make this unique! The orange flakes make the polish learn very warm on my skin tone and give it almost a granite looking effect, that is if granite was like a roll of tin foil.

The formula on this polish was average.  It was opaque in 2 coats and the dry time was just so-so.  The formula was a little on the thinner side, which I’m starting to realize is very indicative of OPI.  If I find a thick OPI polish, I’m kind of taken aback.  I really liked this shade and for some reason I really am craving foil finish polishes lately.  And since I’m also craving neutrals, this one was the perfect middle ground.

What do you guys think? Did any of you manage to pick this one up last year? Or were you like me and hunted it forever? What polishes are you loving right now?

12 thoughts on “OPI “Designer De Better”

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  2. I love, love, love this color. I never get the same color twice at my salon but this is the second time. I love it so much that when I broke a nail over the weekend, I waited for them to re-open on today rather than risk having it fixed somewhere that didn’t have it. My mom loves it too and I am looking for it to include in a gift basket for her birthday in March.

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