H&M “Miss Stone Heart”

Are you ever drawn to a nail polish or makeup item because of the name? I know a lot of OPI and all of their spinoff brand polishes lure people in with their creative names, but other brands come up with some pretty fun ones as well.  I have to say I am absolutely IN LOVE with the name of this polish! Not only does it remind me of one of my favorite 90s actress, Melissa Joan Heart (Clarissa and Sabrina, hello!), but I love the concept too.  I used to think of myself as having a stone heart and the more I got out of puberty, the more I realized I’m a big softy.  This is another polish that I got in my swap from Zenorah.  I know I keep talking about her and showing all the polishes from a swap almost a year ago, but I’m sad to say that its taken me that long to use some of them (sorry Zenorah!).  I know H&M polishes are available across the world, so hopefully not just my friends in Canada have access to their polishes.

H&M “Miss Stone Heart” is a medium toned grey creme.  The color itself isn’t that unique, I have a few shades like this in my collection, but I can honestly say this is now my all time favorite! I know that is a big statement to make but this polish is phenomenal, and it is now my favorite grey creme for 3 reasons. 1. opaque in 1 coat 2. dries super fast 3. stayed on me for-freaking-ever! This polish really is a one coater and lasts a really long time without chipping.  The formula was perfect too, not to thick not to thin.  You might expect a one coat polish to be on the thick side but it was the perfect middle ground.  I am so impressed with the H&M polishes! I wish I could get them close to me.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have any H&M polishes? What are your favorites? What is your favorite grey?

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