Zoya “Aurora”

I have for you guys today another one of the Zoya Ornate colors! I still have one more of these to try, but this one might end up being my favorite.  I don’t consider myself a fan of purple polishes.  I say that and then find myself attracted to a ton of purples.  I kept thinking I didn’t wear that many purples and then I look at my collection and I have a ton of different purples.  And I also have another purple polish review coming your way soon!  But when I first saw pictures of the Ornate collection, I was seriously drawn to this polish.  Not only because its the most holographic out of the three polishes, but also because its the perfect blue toned purple.  I don’t have that many purple shades that are this tone so I knew I had to have it.

Zoya “Aurora” is a medium purple holographic polish that leans more to the blue side of purples.  What I love about this shade is how the scattered holo pieces look! I love how this looks in the sunlight when every color of the rainbow is shining, but I also love it in the shade.  I tried to show both ways to wear this polish in the pictures, but I think I like this polish in the shade more.  It looks like a purple with silver flecks throughout and it almost has a grainy look to it.  I absolutely love the way this polish looks in the shade because it is more interesting than your standard purple, even a standard holographic purple.  The formula on this polish is also amazing.  Almost opaque in 1 but I used 2 coats and it has a great consistency.  Like Blaze, the dry time was a little bit longer than average but not long enough to be a noticeable issue.  No complaints!

And I had to take a few with flash so you can see the scattered holo! The pictures above show a slight rainbow sparkle, but I had to show you guys what this baby looks like under the lights! It really is stunning, whether you like the holographic sparkles or not.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do you have any holographic polishes? What are your favorites?

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