Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Review

I know this mascara is a tad on the older side for makeup, but I’ve still seen it around so hopefully this review isn’t coming too late for some of you.  This was another product that I got in my box ‘o goodies from Hollie and was the first thing that I tore open to try.  I had always wanted to try this mascara because it was talked about sooo much and its such a unique product.  The idea is that you push a button on the wand, which makes the want vibrate really slightly, which deposits mascara onto your lashes without you doing an extra work.  Think of this as the lazy girls mascara.  But the question is, does the claim work?

Keep reading for my thoughts and pictures of how this looks on my lashes!

First things first, the brush! The brush is a rubber bristle brush that is surprisingly thin.  I believe that this mascara is meant to be a volumizing mascara and most volumizing mascaras have larger brushes.  I was a little shocked by how thin the brush is, but it might be more practical with the vibrating function.  The formula is also a little bit thin, not not watery.  This is a wet formula mascara, but since the consistency is really thin it doesn’t automatically create a huge mess on my lashes or face.

Now on to how it looks applied!

Nakey lashes

How I applied the mascara to get this: I just placed the wand at the base of my lashes, pressed the button to make the wand vibrate, and then gently pulled the wand up through the rest of my lashes.  I did one coat on one eye, moved on to the other eye, and then immediately applied a second coat.  The first coat was dry when I applied the second.

2 coats on the top lashes, 1 coat on the bottom

The feeling of the vibrating quality is a little weird.  It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t make my eyes water, it doesn’t make me want to close my eyes, it is just weird.  It almost tickles! I did notice that I feel the phantom vibration after I’m done applying the mascara.  Its so weird but I’ll be done with my makeup and I’ll still feel my eye lids vibrating.

What I first noticed is that this isn’t a volumizing mascara to say the least.  I thought it was meant to be, but on application, it doesn’t do much.  But what it does do is give you a really natural lash look.  It basically just takes my natural lashes and puts a black color on them.  It doesn’t add volume or length, nor does it really make my spider like or feel brittle.  Ya know how people say a foundation is like your skin but better, or a lipstick is your lips but better? This mascara is my lashes but better.

I will say this though, this is a great layering mascara! I didn’t take pictures because I wanted to showcase this mascara on its own first but if you use this as your second mascara in a layering look, it is amazing.  I think this mascara is really buildable and the vibrations really grabs the first mascara and creates a great volumized and separated lash look!

Overall, I like this and its great for layering.  Its also good for darkening my lashes without making it look like I’m wearing makeup. But, if you’re looking for a mascara that packs a punch, this isn’t it.  If you like this look, hopefully you can still get your hands on it!

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