Revlon “Plum Night”

Today’s polish is a Revlon polish.  I have to admit, I totally discriminate against Revlon polishes.  There is something about the bottle shape that bothers me! I know that is a weird thing to complain about, and really trivial in the world of polish, but I don’t like it.  I know the shape of the bottle hasn’t really changed since Revlon first started making polishes, so there is a sense of history and nostalgia.  But I hate the look of them on my racks! So I always skip the Revlon display at the drugstore, and that includes the Revlon Color Stay line.  So when I opened the box that an absolutely amazing and generous subscriber, Hollie, sent me and saw some Revlon polishes I was a little taken back.  And then I tried this one on! And I have to scold myself, never judge a polish by its bottle! Because I am seriously in love.

Revlon”Plum Night” is a dark purple jelly! Yes, that’s right, I’m labeling this a jelly.  It has a slight grey tone to it because its not a super saturated purple, nor does it really lean red or blue.  Its just a great purple tone that is really chic and sophisticated. And although its really dark, to me it looks purple in every light.  Some dark shades can just look like black on your nails, but this looks purple to me.

The formula is really nice.  It was a little on the thin side, but not so runny that it was a problem.  The dry time was a little bit longer than normal.  My favorite part of this polish is just how glossy it is.  This is without a top coat! Yep, its this glossy and shiny without a top coat.  Although I would say this polish is a jelly finish, it isn’t that sheer.  This is 2 coats and its completely opaque, but the reason I’m calling it a jelly is because it doesn’t have a single tinge of of white creme base.  It is an amazing shade and for the price!

What do you guys think? Do you like Revlon polishes? Which Revlon polishes do you have and which ones would you suggest for someone who’s coming over to the Revlon side?



14 thoughts on “Revlon “Plum Night”

    • i have one more that i have to review that hollie sent me. its a simple black creme but all the ones i’ve tried are really nice! i just hate the bottle and also a lot of people are anti-revlon because they aren’t cruelty free

    • glad i’m not alone! i love popular! except my popular is named starry pink because they’re awesome about changing their polish names to confuse people. and i was contemplating picking up midnight sparkle but i have the deborah lippmann polish already and rarely wear it

  1. Oh, I also agree that this is totally a jelly finish. I was surprised when I first saw your pictures, because I didn’t know Revlon had jellies!

  2. I must admit, I am quite a fan of Revlon polishes and the one you’re wearing is SO pretty on you! That said, since making an effort to go cruelty-free, I no longer purchase Revlon but the polishes really wear well on me; I can sometimes get 2 or 3 days without chipping (I have the worst nails!) lol You know Judi from YT? Her username is MABQ22…anyway, on her blog, she has a huge list of Chanel dupes and Revlon has a slew! Check it out!

  3. I know exactly wat u mean hol. even i almost always give the revlon polishes a miss coz of the bottle. go figure! haha. i do own a few of them wish they didnt have such great formula so i cud have good reason to pass em on by. i dont find myself thinkn so abt other brands. Tat is so wierd right. lol.

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