Gosh Holographic “Hero”

IMG_5431Again, sorry for the lack of posts guys! I am in the middle of my “reading week” for law school and I’m having little mini panic attacks daily.  Our reading week is similar to a “dead week” that other schools may have, where the all the students have the week before finals off to do nothing but study.  A normal day in reading week for me consists of about 12 to 14 hours of studying straight.  So right now, blogging is taking a major hit.  My first final is on Wednesday, so starting Wednesday I’ll be able to blog more regularly.  Isn’t it weird that when I’m in the middle of finals I can blog regularly, but during the time leading up to them I can’t? I think it has something to do with the intellectual vomit that exists my brain during a final, I just have so much room left in there to do something that I actually want to do! Anyways, I’m bringing you guys a fun polish today to cheer myself up during this time of hell!

IMG_5433Gosh Holographic “Hero” is a silver linear holographic polish! You have no idea how long I have wanted a silver holo in my life! I have been hunting down the Layla ones for months now just to grab the silver one, and the wonderful Lindsay from Lindsay Does Nails on YouTube sent this to me in a swap.  I saw her pictures on instagram and fell in love, so I was over the moon that she included this in our across the border swap!

The formula on this polish is a little different.  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced a formula like this before to be honest.  I thought it was because it was holographic but my other holos aren’t like this one.  This kind of goes on like a microglitter. Its extremely opaque, almost opaque in 1 coat, but if you do more than 2 or 3 strokes you’ll have bald spots.  That’s what happened to me, there was bald spots and cuticle drag everywhere.  I had to do 4 coats my first time using this before I realized that all I needed to do is the standard 3 stroke method and its fine. The feeling of this polish is almost like a chalkboard, or like chalkboard paint (also, wouldn’t it be awesome to have chalkboard nail polish! Where you could right on it? off tangent for a minute!) The dry time is really quick so this is a good polish for a girl on the go.  I’m ecstatic to have this polish and honestly I’m in love! Although it does drag, its quicker to do the 3 stroke manicure and do 2 coats with quick dry time.  I wore it for about 3 days before I noticed chipping too.

And I had to use the flash to show off all the rainbow!


I hope you guys liked this polish! You can see from the flash that the rainbow is really strong and amazing.  If you guys can get Gosh nail polish where you live, I highly recommend this polish.  Its phenomenal and I can’t thank Lindsay enough for this gem!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite holos? Any polishes on your Wish List?

12 thoughts on “Gosh Holographic “Hero”

  1. it’s a nice colour. We sell the brand here and i never buy something of it. i just love expensive polishes i guess lollll

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