Wet n Wild Blushes!


Another blogger secret confession … I’ve never tried any of the Wet ‘n Wild Blushes.  Gasp, I know! For someone who advocates Wet ‘n Wild, I’m ashamed to say that I never picked these up.  I always meant to and just never got around to it.  Well, I’m trying them out now and figured I would share my feelings with the world, even though I think half of the world has already tried these and formed their own opinions.

Oh, and on a non-beauty note, I took my first final today.  My brain is sore and I diagnosed myself with carpal tunnel but other than than I’m happy to have one done.  I have 3 more to go and probably should be studying instead of blogging, but my mind needs to focus on something pretty and not the 4th Amendment. Anyways, now onto the blushes!


My first 2 Wet n Wild Blushes are probably the two that I hear the most things about, Heather Silk and Mellow Wine.  It seems to me that people love these two colors the most so I was really excited to try these out!


Heather Silk: This is a very very pigmented dark pink berry type of shade.  Its a dark rose matte blush and is extremely soft and creamy.


Mellow Wine: This is a very pigmented darker peachy pink shade matte shade


Heather Silk, Mellow Wine.

Is it just me or should these names be reversed? I feel like Heather Silk looks like more of a wine color.  Overall, I really like both of these blushes and they are really really pigmented.  And not only are they really pigmented, but they are really soft as well so pick up a ton of product when you use a brush (even if you are trying to use a light hand).

When I first began using these I really didn’t like them that much because they are really pigmented and once they’re on your skin, they don’t really move around much.  I won’t say that they’re hard to blend because they blend nicely but I found that the areas that if I applied too much to one area I couldn’t get the stuff off without makeup remover (I was rocking a super 80s blush look for a day because I hit the area near my temple too hard).

I was told an awesome makeup trip by my friend Lu on Youtube and she comments on my posts as well.  She told me to first pick on the product with your brush, tap off the excess like normal, and then bounce it once or twice on the back of your hand to really get the excess off.  Let me tell you guys, it totally helped.  I found that I can apply these blushes really easily without a problem when I use that technique, or if I use an extra thick and long stippling brush.  I really like these blushes and for the price, I want every shade!

Do any of you guys have these blushes? Or any of the other Wet n Wild blushes? Which are your favorites and which would you recommend?


18 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Blushes!

  1. Oh wow…thanks for the shout-out! 😉 Yes, that wonderful tip came from the fabulous Lisa Eldridge and it works like a champ for me. I only have the WnW Heather Silk and ‘need’ to pick up Mellow Wine! Like you, I’m a fan of WnW products, but just recently got on the blush bandwagon! Hope that your studing/test taking is going well!

  2. These blushes are super pretty. I can buy them but never did actually lol don’t know why. Still got too many blushes at the moment

  3. I am 52 and have used many, many blushes and these are the best ever and the only kind I will ever repurchase. It’s true you only need a tiny bit though … The first time I put it on, I recreated the horrible Coty blush stick incident of 1973.

  4. I am 52 years old and have tried many, many blushes in my life. I love these and will not buy anything else. It is true you only need a little. The first time I used it, I recreated the horrible Coty blush stick incident of 1973.

  5. As a fellow law student, I really appreciate that you post during finals… otherwise I wouldn’t be able to procrastinate! I hope you did great in Crim Pro (which I assume is the 4th amend class!

    • awww thanks! you said such kind words and then i totally went AWOL during finals lol. and yeah criminal procedure is like the 4th amendment stuff, for me it was everything that goes into a criminal trial, before the trial and after, so 4th search and seizure, miranda, 6th amendment right to counsel stuff plus habeas corpus and other appeal issues

    • awww thanks lissa!!! i’m doing it tonight! by the way i love your blog layout! i don’t know when you changed it because i basically changed my password on my computer so i wouldn’t look at blogs during finals but i love it!

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