Laura Geller Baked Cheek Dreams Blush and Highlighter Review!


I never really gave Laura Geller a shot in the makeup department.  Whenever I was Ulta, I would walk by the Laura Geller section completely and move on to other brands that I had heard more about or were more affordable.  It seemed like everything that Laura Geller provided were baked makeup products and at the time I had this idea that all baked products were going to fall apart and basically glitter in a compact.  All of that changed when I discovered the Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Foundation! That baked mineral compact foundation turned out to be one of my favorite products of the year.  My eyes are open and now focused on the Laura Geller Baked Cheek Dream Highlighter and Blush Trio, which the lovely Holli gave me!


The Cheek Dream Highlight and Blush comes in 3 different shade varieties, Neapolitan, Vanilla Peach Cobbler, and Banana Split.  I have Neapolitan to show you guys today, which is the one that I think might be best suited for fairer skin tones.

Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts on the product!


The Trio comes with 3 different shades, that presumably can be used as a highlighter, blush and bronzer.  You can always swirl the three of these together and create a warmer peach/terracotta like shade.

From Laura Geller:

The Baked Cheek Dreams Trio includes two great blushes plus a stripe of my most popular French Vanilla highlighter, in a single, take-everywhere compact that fits right in the palm of your hand!

So how do the colors look?

IMG_5288(with flash)

IMG_5289(natural light)

What I like: I absolutely LOVE the French Vanilla Highlighter color! I can understand why it is so popular and is included in each of the 3 different trios.  Although my pictures show that it isn’t that pigmented, it definitely is and is just really close to my skin tone.  I love that the highlighter isn’t that shimmery or glittery, but instead just gives a nice subtle glow.  I guess that can be said for all three of the shades, and how they mix together.  Although this is a baked product and a highlighter, it isn’t that shimmery or glitter and gives such a subtle glow to the cheeks.

What I don’t like: I’m not the biggest fan of how small the different color sections are.  The blush shade is beautiful but there is no way that I could never wear it on its own because an eyeshadow blush barely fits in that section.  Also, the bronzer shade is really pretty in natural light but looks really orange with the flash.

Overall, I love this product as well but mostly because I love the highlight shade! I have used the whole thing swirled together as a topper for another blush and it gave a very nice glow to the cheeks.  I haven’t tried using this as an eyeshadow yet, and I think I might get much more use of the bronze shade if I used it like that.  I like that its a really versatile product, where you can use it just as a highlighter, just a bronzer, or swirl all three together to get a cool blush color.  I just wish I could use the blush color in the center on its own, and that it wasn’t so pricey!

Grade: B+

Price: $29.50 available at Ulta or on Laura

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