China Glaze “Red Satin”

IMG_5538I think most nail polish junkies enjoy a good red, especially around the holidays.  My best friend texted me while I was going through the hell that is finals with a picture of her nails (yes, we text each other pictures of our nails almost daily), and she was wearing her go-to red.  The caption that was underneath her picture was “Tis the Season to bust out all my reds!”.  And I thought, yeah it definitely is the season for red nails! There are polishes that I wear with pride in the month of December that I can’t stand on my nails any other time of the year, except for Valentines day.  I’m not the kind of girl to wear bright reds, but around this time of the year I go as bright and as fire engine as I can get.  And funnily enough, I’m typing this and admiring the bright red candy type manicure that I’m sporting right now (review on that polish will come later!).  But for now, lets focus on one of the reds from China Glaze Holiday Joy collection!

IMG_5539China Glaze “Red Satin” is one of the 5 reds (yes 5) from the Holiday Joy collection.  Red Satin is a classic red in my eyes.  It is a slightly blue based primary red that might be a little darker than your traditional crayola crayon color of red.  The only reason I got this polish was became it came in a set with a polish that I really really wanted, and it was $9 for 2 polishes and a magnet, rather than $7 for 1 polish.  This polish reminds me so much of OPI “Vodka and Caviar” which is one of my all time favorite red polishes.  So this polish may be a way for me to have a backup of V&C since rumors are that it is discontinued.

The formula on this polish is really similar to V&C too.  The consistency is on the runny side.  It isn’t so much watery as it is just really thin.  And since China Glaze has a much smaller brush than OPI, that can either be a good or bad thing, depending on your nail size.  This polish also takes 3 coats to be opaque, same as V&C.  The dry time is ok, nothing to really report on.  Overall, its a good red polish, not a great red.  If you’re looking for a classic red creme and don’t have one this color, this one is worth it but it isn’t original or so spectacular to pick this one over others.

What do you guys think of this polish? Do any of you have this? What are your favorite holiday red polishes?

9 thoughts on “China Glaze “Red Satin”

  1. Oh my gosh…that’s just gorgeous! As soon as I saw the pic, I thought…”ooh, I NEED that!” *insert rolling-eyes smiley here* As I kept reading, I was glad to hear that it was similar to Vodka & Caviar, so I calmed right down! lol I got 2 of the glitters from the ChG collection: Angel Wings and Glistening Snow (they were in a set for cheap and I really only wanted Glistening Snow). I also picked up a set yesterday which has Blue Bells Ring and Glitter All the Way but it’s not for me, it’s a gift to my oldest son’s girlfriend (she, too is a junkie). 😀 Anyway, i was getting ready to paint my nails a very neutral color (Orly’s Nite Owl), but I might have to pull out a red! lol

    • i was thinking about doing a comparison post to this and Vodka and Caviar, but there are soooo many reds out there that are a similar color, i figured it might not be worth the time. but from the swatches and what it looks like in the bottle, i can’t tell them apart. and do a red after the nite owl manicure! you still have 8 days to rock the hell out of a christmas red!

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