Glitter All The Way in your Black Lingerie

IMG_5630Its been a long time since I’ve done a post like this! When I was really into accent nails I would try to come up with cool names for a post using the names of the polishes.  I haven’t really done any type of accent nail manicure in a long time, so I thought maybe I should try it again and see if I’m still in love with that trend.  These two polishes seemed destined to be paired together because both of these were in my untried pile and I didn’t really want to have a full manicure of either of them.  So I alternated between the polishes and the rhyming names of the two seemed to flow out.  So this is dual review of two polishes and a fun holiday manicure.  I ended up keeping this manicure on for about 2 days and it got me through my last final. This may also be repeated for new years because I loved this so much!

IMG_5631  First up, Revlon “Black Lingerie”!  Believe it or not, this is the first true black creme that I’ve ever owned! That seems so taboo for a nail polish blogger to confess, but I’ve only had black glitters, black shimmers, black with colored glitters, and matte blacks.  This is the first straight up, normal black creme polish I’ve ever owned!  I think the reason I’ve always passed on regular black cremes is because they either seemed so boring or so goth to me.  I don’t really experiment with nail art and I am not one to own a color just to say I have it.  I never thought I would wear a black creme manicure but I must admit that I’m completely enamored with black nails! It looked so chic and karashian-esque, and I loved that I felt a little edgy and confident while wearing this polish.  The formula was great on this polish too! It took 2 coats to reach opacity, the consistency wasn’t too thick or thin, and it applied very evenly to the nails.  The only slight issue I had was that it took a little bit longer to dry than normal.  But it dried so glossy that I didn’t mind the extra 1 minute of dry time.

IMG_5633Next up, China Glaze “Glitter All The Way.”  Glitter all the Way is a dense glitter with gold, purple and red microglitters and slightly larger pieces of green glitter.  I debated on whether to get this because I’m kind of sick of the whole confetti glitter trend, but I finally decided on getting it because it is like Mardi Gras in a bottle.  I absolutely love New Orleans and have been there so many times in my life, so a polish that reminds me of one of the biggest parties in the world I was all over that!  I almost moved down there a year and a half ago because I got into law school down there.  The formula on this polish was typical of a microglitter … dries fast, gritty in texture once its on the nails, and gets the brush all goopy.  It was completely opaque in 3 coats, so you can wear it on its own like I have in this manicure, or you can layer it over other colors.  I loved this manicure and really like both of these polishes!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have either of these polishes? What are your favorite blacks?

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