China Glaze “Champagne Kisses”

IMG_5634One of the more disappointing things for me this year was missing out on China Glaze “I’m Not Lion” from the fall Safari collection.  Like most collections it seems, I saw promotional materials and didn’t think twice about that polish.  It wasn’t until I saw swatches of it on every single nail polish blog that I died a little inside and only a tan holographic microglitter could fill that hole in my heart.  I hunted that polish down to no end and never found it.  I actually didn’t pick up any polishes from the Safari collection, mostly out of spite because I couldn’t find the one that I really wanted.  So when I saw that China Glaze released a polish that was really similar, minus the holographic sparkle, I jumped all over it! I know I could probably find “I’m Not Lion” somewhere on the vast internet or in some clearance bin somewhere, but this polish has now taken the place of that light tan microglitter and I think replaced it with something even better!

IMG_5636China Glaze “Champagne Kisses” is a nude microglitter.  It is almost the same color as my skin tone, which I have to admit is part of the reason I love this polish.  Although it took some time and came with age, I love a good nude! Nudes and tans not only are appropriate for any occasion and setting, but they are also really classy and timeless.  But I think this polish can transcend a typical neutral polish.  I feel like this may be the mullet of the nail polish world, business in the front (since its a nude and flesh toned, it can be totally appropriate for work), and all party in the back (since its fun glitter)!

IMG_5635The formula on this polish was typical of microglitters. It was thick, goopy and made the brush all fanned out and funny to deal with.  But also typical of microglitters is that it dried really quickly! And this one dried matte! It makes me think of the whole “liquid sand” concept that OPI is releasing in January.  Since its matte, this really does look like sand on your nails.  It is gritty feeling on your nails, but after 2 coats of top coat its completely smooth. And 1 coat of top coat makes this polish shine like crazy.  All of the pictures are shown with 1 coat of Butter London’s top coat.  This is 2 coats and completely opaque, but I’ve read other blogs that said it takes closer to 3 (maybe I just apply thick coats).  Overall, I really like this polish and I think it might be a work staple for me!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do any of you have “I’m Not Lion”? What are your favorite nudes?

13 thoughts on “China Glaze “Champagne Kisses”

  1. I have Angel Wings and Glistening Snow and don’t really need another gritty polish, but I know what you meant about I Herd That. It’s available online for about $4.50, but have been controlling myself.

  2. This really is a super pretty one Holly! I was actually looking for it, but they didn’t have it so I got Angel Wings. This looks like its more versatile though and would compliment a larger variety of people’s skin tones.

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