Lorac Pro Palette Review!


I try not to get sucked in to all the buzz around certain eye shadow palettes, partially because I have so many already and most don’t have what I really need/want in a palette.  In my everyday life, I wear certain shades and certain finishes more than others, so when I hear a ton of hype over a palette I assume that its going to be really nice shadows but I’ll end up really using 4 of them.  So when I first started hearing the buzz around this palette, I wasn’t interested at all until someone said the magic words “8 Matte Shades”! I stopped everything I was doing and had to look up swatches.

After thinking about it for about 5 minutes, I decided I was going to get (yet another) neutral eye palette.  I picked this up on Black Friday and after playing with it for almost a month, I feel like I can get you guys a proper review and my real opinion.


Keep reading for swatches, some Face of the Day pictures using this palette and my full review!!

First off, lets talk about the packaging.  This palette has gotten a lot of praise and criticism about the packaging.  The palette is extremely slim.  Its just more than half the width of the original Naked palette.  I tried taking a few pictures of how skinny this palette is, but none of my pictures show that.  That is a major plus.

A negative is that it is the same rubberized, matte, almost velvet type finish of the Nars packaging.  It isn’t exactly the same, it seems almost a little more velvety than the Nars so it attracts even more dust and dirt.  After one use, this palette on the inside and outside looked like it went through a war.  The outside got extremely dirty just from the natural oils of my hands, and then of course through regular use it got even more dirty.  That is a negative.

So if you are a stickler for having your makeup look hygienic (maybe you’re a freelance makeup artist), the packaging might drive you nuts.  Personally, it sucks that it looks so worn on the outside but the shadows are what really matter to me so I’m not that upset about the packaging.


The palette comes with a primer, which is pictured above.  The primer is really nice and does a great job at keeping the shadows on.  The primer is a thinner consistency but it isn’t runny, if that makes any sense.  It isn’t as runny as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but it isn’t like putting a Paint Pot on your eye.  Its like putting a really thin layer of a light weight eye cream on your eye.  It leaves your lids a little sticky after you rub it in which really grabs the shadows and holds them in place all day.

I really like the primer, but I don’t know if I’ll be adding it to my list on primers to try out.  I have this sample and a full sized Shadow Insurance to get through before I’m going to let myself purchase the Tart eyeshadow primer, which I did have a sample of and loved!

Ok, onto the shadows!

IMG_5495The top row is all matte, the bottom row is all shimmer except one with glitter



IMG_5503All of the swatches are in natural light without a primer underneath

What I like:  All the shadows are extremely soft! They’re so buttery and creamy and extremely pigmented. The shimmers are especially pigmented and basically apply themselves to the eyes.  Although the mattes do not look that pigmented from the swatches, they are in real life, especially over a primer. There is a very nice color range, with pinks and purples as well as neutrals.   The shadows are all very blendable and don’t blend right off the eye.  And I’m in love with the fact there are 8 matte shades in this palette! They’re the shades that have gotten the most use!

What I don’t like: Since all the shadows are soft, I’ve experienced some fallout with the shimmer shades.  The fallout isn’t that bad and I can control it with being careful on application and patting on the shimmers rather than just swiping them on my face, but I had to mention that.  Another negative that I have to point out is that there aren’t that many cool shades, this is a very warm toned palette.

Overall, I absolutely love this palette! I love the fact that there are 8 matte shades and I love how pigmented the shimmers are.  I love that you get 16 shadows that are nicely spaced apart in the palette to not get flakes from one color in another. Since I love warm neutrals, I don’t know if I could have found a more ideal palette for myself.  I just wish I had better swatches of the matte shades to show that they really are amazing in real life.

Grade: A

Price: $42

And I wanted to include a few looks that I’ve made with this palette!

A Day Look!



Shadows used:

– Mauve in the crease

– Cream in the first third of the lid

– Light Bronze lightly on the center of the lid

– Sable and Espresso mixed in the outer V

A Night Look!



Shadows used:

– Mauve in the crease

– Garnet across the lid

– Pewter smudged thickly across the upper lash line and on the lower lash line

– Black smudged at the base of the upper lash line

– Cream as a brow highlight

– Nude as an inner corner highlight

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