Benefit Swag Bag of Sexy 500 Point Perk!

IMG_5540When I saw at Sephora on Black Friday, I went to the checkout with my odds and ends bargains and the girl behind the register told me that I had upwards of 1000 points! That made me cringe and cry a little on the inside because that is just an indicator of how much money I have spent at Sephora! But she asked if I wanted to take a look at all of the point perks that were available.  I ended up picking up a mini bottle of Flowerbomb, a Benefit Blush and then I saw that the 500 point perk was a Benefit set, that had 3 products from Benefit in it that I’ve always wanted to try.  I didn’t even hesitate on this bag, and after playing with the products I can finally give you guys my real opinion.

And the reason I’m doing this post is because I was at Sephora the other day and this is still the 500 point perk.  So if any of you ladies are like me and never use your points, or have been saving them for something good, this may be worth checking out!


Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts!

IMG_5542The Swag Bag of Sexy comes with 2 sample sized products, the Benefit Benetint and the Pore-fessional foundation primer, as well as a full sized of the High Beam.  All three of these products are ones that I’ve wanted to try but weren’t super high on my wish list.  I would grab the Benetint, which a full size retails for $29, and end up putting it back because I would remember I was out of shampoo or a nail polish top coat.  So I was really excited that I could get these 3 for “free” (not free because it means I spent so much money at Sephora, but free because I didn’t spend my money on these!).


The Pore-fessional is a squeeze tube and the sample size is .25 fl oz.  That isn’t a huge sample but definitely is a good size for me to try out for a few weeks and see if I like it enough to buy a full size.  Right now I’m not loving my current primer so I’m really excited to have this to replace it for a little while.

The Benetint, for those of you who aren’t aware, is a cheek and lip stain.  It smells of roses and the applicator is a plastic bristle brush.  The bristles on the applicator is really stiff, which actually makes it easy to apply.  You can either dot it on your cheeks and rub it in with your fingers, or you can use it as a standard lip applicator.  It is like applying water to your face, but a very staining type of water.

The High Beam is a liquid highlighter.  I wrote and deleted the word “liquid” a few times because although its technically a liquid, it is more of a cream when you apply it.  It is really thick and almost a similar consistency as the Pore-fessional.  But because its thicker, its easier to apply.  You just put dots on your face where you want to highlight, and for me that’s my cheekbones.

IMG_5544The Pore-fessional: This is a really nice primer! It feels smooth on the skin and rubs in very nicely.  This is a silicone style primer, as the 4th ingredient is silica, but I don’t mind that.  If you don’t like silicone primers then this might not be for you.  It claims that it is supposed to smooth out the surface of your skin and moisturize and I find that it definitely does smooth out my skin, especially the blackheads around my nose.  I wouldn’t say its overly moisturizing but its still nice.  And it goes on clear when you apply it.  Overall, I really like this but I haven’t done any type of long wear test yet to know if I love it.

The Benetint: Ok, this I’m comfortable saying I love! I can’t believe its taken me this long to use it! It stays on a long time and really does stain my cheeks and lips.  I found that I like using it on my lips much more than my cheeks, because it gives my lips a natural tint.  It makes my lips look like they’re naturally tinted a reddish shade so I’m comfortable wearing this for any occasion, where as I’m still working on building up confidence to wear a bold lip during the day.  I will definitely be purchasing the big size when I’m through with this sample.  One thing that some people may not like is the smell.  It smells strong of roses, which I love so its part of the reason I love this product, but when you put it on your lips you’re going to smell roses for a while.

The High Beam: Since this is the only full sized product that was in the Swag Bag of Sexy, I was the most interested to try this out.  It is a great highlighter and isn’t overly shimmery or glittery.  It gives a really subtle sheen to the skin and I really like that.  Like the benetint, it lasts a while on my skin.  I am very tempted to try mixing this product into my foundations to see if it will give my skin an overall glow (have any of you tried that?).  The only time I used this product where it didn’t really work was when I put it on and then put powder over top to set it.  I used a regular translucent powder and it complete covered up the sheen.  So I would suggest putting it on over your powder or setting it with a powder highlighter.  Overall, I really like this because its subtle, but some may not like it because its expensive for a very minimal effect.

Overall, this is a great 500 point perk! So if you have points available, I would highly suggest using them on this, since it seems to be still available.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have any of these products? Do any of you want any of these products? What are your favorite primers, stains and highlighters?

9 thoughts on “Benefit Swag Bag of Sexy 500 Point Perk!

  1. I have been using the notorious anti chafing gel which shall remain nameless as a primer and it is magical. My makeup stays on all day (10 hours) and it doesn’t settle into wrinkles, which is amazing because I am an old lady. It’s $7 and a beauty steal.

    • lol i still want to find that one because i heard that it is the best primer you can buy! i know people say you can find it at the drugstore but i always forget the full name, just that its from monistat

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