Layla Ceramic Effect CE 53

IMG_5709So I wasn’t planning on blogging right now, but a huge rainstorm rolled in and our ceiling started leaking! I had every intention of going out and finishing up Christmas shopping, but now I have to wait for the maintenance guy to come and take a look at this waterfall that is coming down my wall.  I live in a loft style apartment, which I’m very thankful of during times like this! If I had a leaking ceiling in a house that I had a mortgage payment on I think I would be sobbing rather than blogging, because I wouldn’t know the first thing on how to handle that (besides putting a bowl down to catch the water).  So now I’m waiting on the buildings maintenance manager to come in and hopefully give me a little bit of guidance that I can carry with me for when I grow up and stop being a renter.  So how I get to show you my new obsession, one of the Layla Ceramic Effect holiday polishes!

IMG_5711The Layla polishes don’t have a name but have a number instead, and this is CE 53.  This polish is a red jelly flakie! I first saw this polish about 2 years ago on my favorite nail polish blogger of the time, Michelle at Alllacqueredup! Sadly, she doesn’t really blog anymore but I still loyally follow her on Instagram and Twitter.  I think I can’t stop stalking her because we’re from the same city and I always see her pictures at some of my favorite hot spots.  I even saw her post pictures at my marina where I dock my boat over the summer and about flipped my shit! That was my biggest fan girl moment ever! Anyways, she posted a picture of this and I immediately had to have it.  Well, 2 years later, its available at Ulta.  Although Layla polishes are a tad bit expensive ($9.75), this one is amazing! I thought I was over the whole flakie trend, but this looks like fire candy on my nails.  Its so shiny and glossy and really looks like hard candy with firey orange flakes inside.

IMG_5708The formula on this polish wasn’t great, but I love the color so much that I totally forgive it.  This is 3 coats in the pictures, and in real life the polish is much darker than the pictures show.  The first coat goes on like a candy apple red with orange flakes, the second coat darkens it to a fire engine type red, and the third coat makes it a darker sexier red.  Imagine this about 1 shade darker in real life.  The flakes also aren’t that color shifting. They’re mostly just orange and red, rather than shifting to yellow and green with other flakies.  The dry time is on the slow side but once its one, its on and I wore it for 4 days without any tip wear or chipping.  It was amazing! I absolutely love this polish!!! And the whole reason I purchased this is because I’m almost out of one of my favorite reds of all time, Barielle’s “Elle’s Spell”, which you can see here! I might do a comparison post because these polishes are really similar.  But be prepared to see a lot more of this polish because I can’t even convey through typing how much I love this polish.

What do you guys think? Have any of you tried this polish or seen this at Ulta? Would any of you spend $9.75 on this?

19 thoughts on “Layla Ceramic Effect CE 53

  1. That polish is so prettttty!! Why don’t they give them names instead of numbers? You should write the company and tell them to hire you as their work-from home enamel namer!

  2. That polish is gorgeous! Yes — I’d probably spend $10 on it. I find that a really good polish does wear better than the Wet N Wilds of the world. I love love love that color. I’m sort of bummed that it’s darker in real life. Do they make a shake that is super bright like that once it’s dry? I don’t think we have Ulta near me…At least, I can’t remember seeing one.Maybe in LA?

    • they’re should be a ton of ulta’s in LA. has a store locator and you can punch in your zip code to see if there is one near you. its really gorgeous in real life but if you want it that bright you can always put a coat or 2 over a bright red and it would look like it does in the pictures and stay that bright

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