Wet ‘n Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning Limited Edition Palette!

IMG_5556Every so often Wet ‘n Wild releases limited edition palettes.  Normally, these limited edition eye shadow palettes are released around the holidays, but there have been some palettes that people have raved over that were released in the summer months as well.  Last year, Wet ‘n Wild released their baked eye shadow palettes as well as the I Heart Matte Palette, which was one of my favorite palettes I have ever purchased from any brand.

This year, they released 3 palettes that are all in their classic 8 pan form.  One of the 3 was a re-release of the I Heart Matte palette, so if you missed out on that palette you can still get your hands on it.  Wet ‘n Wild also released a purple and black palette.  This was the third palette, and the one I was the most drawn to.  While it seems a little more “Summer” than “Holiday”, the nude shades drew me in!


Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts!

First impressions: This palette is a little different than other Wet ‘n Wild palettes I have.  Every other palette I have seems to have 4 shades on the left and 4 shades on the right that are related in some way.  Like the Comfort Zone palette, one side has different shades of green and the other side have different shades of brown.  This palette seems to be all nudes with one or two random shades. I like the different nudes but it doesn’t seem that cohesive.


Left side of the palette (no primer):

  • Browbone Shade: light yellow/cream shimmer
  • Eyelid Shade: metallic warm gold shimmer
  • Crease Shade: metallic rusty copper shimmer
  • Definer Shade: bright teal shimmer


Right side of the palette (no primer):

  • Browbone Shade: light pink shimmer
  • Eyelid Shade: warm bronze shimmer
  • Crease Shade: medium brown/caramel shimmer
  • Definer Shade: dark dark espresso brown shimmer with lighter caramel colored shimmer pieces

What I like: Obviously I like the fact that there are so many nudes.  I wear nudes every day, and its rare that I venture into other color ranges unless I’m going for a specific look or going out at night. I also love that this can be a one-stop-shop type of palette.  You can easily use the dark brown definer shade as your eye liner because its SO dark and So pigmented.

What I don’t like: My biggest complaint is that all of these shades are shimmery! I like some shimmer shades but I wish that there was one or two matte shades.  Also, the blue color is a little random.  I might use it on my lower lash liner in the summer, but other than that I highly doubt I’ll use that shade.  I would have been happier with a different color in that spot.  Also, this isn’t a problem for me but some people may not like that this is a very warm toned neutral palette.  For those of you who prefer cool toned nude shades, this may not be for you.

Overall, this is a good palette and I know it will get good use but I wish there was a matte shade.  Also, this palette seems more like a summer palette with all the shimmer bronzes, golds, and the blue shade.  But this is probably the Wet ‘n Wild palette that has the most “everyday” and wearable shades.

Grade: B+

Price: $4.99 Limited Edition


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