Monday Manicure Spam! Holiday Edition!!

Merry Christmas Eve! And welcome to another Monday Manicure Spam! I figured that I would show you guys all of the holiday themed manicures that I’ve been rocking for the last few weeks.  I am so backed up on new polishes to show you guys, that are all swatched and photographed and ready to be reviewed.  But I couldn’t go through a holiday season without going a little crazy with all of my favorite holiday polishes.  So for all of you who are looking for a cool Christmas manicure, hopefully here is some inspiration!

Almost all of these are limited edition holiday shades, so I’m sorry in advance if I show you a polish that may be a little hard to find now.  If you want to read about the individual polishes used in each manicure, just click on the name below the picture and it will take you to my original post.  And yes, I do change my nail polish almost every day! Hope you enjoy this holiday manicure spam!

IMG_5461OPI “Russian Navy” and OPI “Man with the Golden Gun” 18K Gold top coat

IMG_5607Essie “Mint Candy Apple” and China Glaze “Party Hearty”

IMG_5619Gosh “Berry Me” (review to come) and China Glaze “Party Hearty”

IMG_5769OPI “Golden Eye” and China Glaze “Party Hearty”

(can you tell that I loved Party Hearty this year lol)

IMG_5772An AWFUL watermarble, but I used Zoya “Snow White” and Zoya “Blaze”

IMG_5774Sephora by OPI “What’s Your Poinsettia?” and China Glaze “Twinkle Lights”

IMG_5721Layla Ceramic Effects CE 53 and China Glaze “Twinkle Lights”

IMG_5723Zoya “Ziv” with China Glaze “Snow Globe”

IMG_5760Jelly Sandwich! China Glaze “Ride the Waves” (2 coats), OPI “Servin Up Sparkle” (1 coat at the cuticles), topped with 1 coat of Ride the Waves

That is a whole lot of Manicure Spam! I hope you guys have a great day and happy holidays, no matter which holiday you celebrate! I truly appreciate you guys and thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to look my blog!

Which one of these is your favorite? And if you want to see last years Holiday Manicure Spam, go here!

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