Color Club “With Abandon”

IMG_4853Happy Boxing Day! I personally don’t celebrate boxing day so please excuse my ignorance for all of you who do.  Today I was trapped inside my house all day long.  For all of you in the mid-west and north east, as well as y’all north of the border in Ontario, we get to ride out Winter Storm Euclid.  I’m laughing as I type that because when the hell did we start naming our winter storms like hurricanes?! And the fact that we’ve been in a blizzard warning for over 18 hours now and the blizzard shares a name with the street around the corner from me just seems ironic.  Now that Christmas is over and there is roughly 18 inches of snow on the ground, I’m starting to bust out all of my super dark shades.  There is something about the shorter days, the persistent grey sky, the cold and the snow that makes me want to wear dark nails.  So today, I’m showing you another polish that Zenorah sent me in our swap last year that never should have taken me so long to review!

IMG_4854Color Club “With Abandon” is an oldie for Color Club.  It came out in the Wild at Heart collection in the fall of 2009 and I believe it is apart of their permanent line.  With Abandon is a dark brown with copper flecks and totally unique from any other polish that I own.  Its one of those polishes that is so dark that it looks black in almost every light except for sunlight.  But even in the lowest light you can still see the copper flecks, which makes it seem to just glow.

The formula on this polish is really nice.  The consistency was really nice and creamy, not to thick and not too watery.  I also really like the brushes with Color Club polishes so it was a dream to apply.  The dry time is alright and it was completely opaque in 2 coats.  Overall, this is a really nice polish and if you’re looking for a great dark brown then this might be a great option!

8 thoughts on “Color Club “With Abandon”

  1. Oooh, that’s really pretty! I’m in the dark polish mode, too and initially, I took butterLONDON’s Branwen’s Feather off my polish rack, but have replaced it with butterLONDON’s Artful Dodger to put on today. We’ll see which one wins! lol Back to your pretty polish…I don’t have any Color Club but have noticed that lately, my Sally’s has it (I used to find it at Rite Aid but it’s no longer there). We actually got snow in West Tennessee Christmas night and it’s still on the ground. Crazy! I hope you’re not snowed-in too long!

    • aww thank you! the blizzard only lasted 18 hours and i didn’t leave my couch for most of it lol. i’m glad that you had a white christmas! and i have to say i’m jealous that you live in tennessee because i want to move down there so bad. i’m actually going to help my mom move to the smokeys, so either eastern tennessee or north carolina

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