Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara Review!

IMG_5561Last month I was having a little video marathon of one of my favorite YouTubers, LisettesBeaute.  I don’t remember exactly which video of hers I was watching, but I think it was a makeup tutorial and she mentioned that the Jordana Best Lash Extreme was her favorite mascara of all time.  While I was listening to her talk about the Jordana mascara, I got an email notification that Melissa from Pink Lady Beauty had a new post and it was her top 5 mascaras of all time.  In that post, Melissa also talked about the Jordana mascara.

It got me thinking about that mascara and it just have been stuck in my head because I went to Walgreens later that day and found myself staring at the Jordana display.  I have never bought a single Jordana product but at that moment I needed to know if this mascara really was as good as two inspirational ladies claim.

Keep reading for my full review and how it looks on my lashes!

IMG_5562The brush seems like a very traditional mascara brush, which sometimes I enjoy.  Sometimes I get a little sick of seeing the new style mascara brushes with crazy torture balls curved like a slinky with 10 different styles of bristles.  Sometimes keeping it simple works better.  The formula is a pretty wet, so if you aren’t a fan of wet mascaras this might not be for you.

IMG_5612Nakey Lashes

IMG_56132 coats on my top lashes and 1 coat on the bottoms

What I like: I love how black it is! For some reason I feel like this is one of the blackest mascaras I’ve tried in a long time.  I also love how it seems to coat every single lash and make them stand out more.  It does a nice job at giving me volume and a little bit of length.  Another thing I love and you can’t really tell from the pictures but this mascara curls my lashes! This is a really nice curling mascara.  The last thing I really love, but some of you may hate, but it makes my lashes stiff and hard.  While mascaras that give you stiff and unmovable lashes can lead to flaking (which I haven’t experienced yet), it keeps the curl and keeps them looking like I just applied the mascara.

What I don’t like: I have experienced some clumping with this mascara.  You can tell from the picture that there is slight clumping, but I have experienced some days where I’ve had to wash my entire face to get it off.  Since it is a wet formula I have to wait a while in between coats to make sure that I don’t get clumping.  So it takes a while to apply this mascara.  But the pay off is really nice if you have the patience to apply it.

Overall, I really like this for the price and love how it looks! But I don’t love that I have to be careful applying it to make sure I don’t get clumps.  I bet that this will be an amazing mascara once it dries out a little, but I’ve had it for almost a month and it is still really wet.  I definitely would recommend this but just be careful that it does clump a little!

Grade: A-

Price: $3.99

16 thoughts on “Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara Review!

  1. I love high impact mascara by clinque… it is about $16 but I think it is worth it. If it clumps I know I need to buy a new one and that doesn’t usually happen for a few months with daily application. I don’t know that it would give you eyelashes that long though.

      • You’re welcome. You should go in to Clinque they will let you try them on so you can find the perfect one. I would suggest doing that and wearing it all day (without buying anything) just to see how you feel about the makeup. I did that this weekend and now I am sad I didn’t buy anything (but what I wanted will run me about $60 which is a huge commitment).

  2. Hey Holly!! Thanks for doing this review!! I LITERALLY just bought a tube from and it is on its way here and I’m uber excited! I think the first time I ever heard of this mascara was from one of my favorite Youtubers Melissa, aka 30PlusSome and she raved about it and because it’s only $2.99…I said, “What the heck?!” I’m super excited.

  3. I revisited this mascara recently and am very impressed. The first tube I got must have been a dud; this time around I am much happier with the application! I like to wear it over a coat of Maybelline Full & Soft. On it’s own it doesn’t do much for me in the volume department but this combo works well.

    • oh i never thought to wear another mascara underneath this one. i’ve been using this as a layering mascara but for some reason i had it as my first coat. i might have to experiment with the order of my mascara layering! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I saw this on vintageortackys give away and it sparked my interest, but then when I saw it on your video today I ran up to Walgreens and bought it. I figured for $4 you can’t go wrong. I have never been the person to pay much for makeup so this was right up my ally. (I spend all my money on polish). I loved it. I also picked up the eyeliner marker. I like that too, but prefer Physicians Formula. (Guess why I bought that).

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