Color Club “Port-folio”

IMG_5582I’m still enjoying the last week and a half of my winter break.  I know I shouldn’t complain because I had a much longer break between my fall and spring semesters than most, but I’m a little upset its almost over.  I’m not ready to go back to reality and not ready to start the routine of read-study-ingest obscene amounts of caffeine-sleep-repeat all over again.  I had to buy my books the other day and about cried thinking about going back to school.  So now I’m spending my time playing with my nail polish, preparing for a few things for my blog and YouTube channels, catching up on the books I’ve been wanting to read (for fun) and looking up recipes online to satisfy my inner Julia Child.  Tonight’s recipe is going to be homemade gnocchi with a brown butter sage sauce and today’s blog post is one of the new Color Club duochromes.

IMG_5583Color Club “Port-folio” is a medium purple shimmer that flashes to a bright green.  I wish my camera did it justice because the green flash is much more prominent in person! Port-folio came out in Color Clubs fall collection and this bad boy created a lot of buzz.  This polish even had the honor of being named the best polish of the year by Kelly over at Vampy Varnish (check out that post here!).  Check out Kelly’s pictures, because they are much much better than mine, since mine doesn’t do this polish justice at all.

The formula on this polish was seriously incredible, which is another reason why I think it got so much buzz.  One thing I really liked was although this is a mini the brush was just like the full size counterpart.  So the application was a breeze and it was completely opaque in 2 coats, with a faster dry time.

And now for a little photo bomb! I tried to capture the color shift, but like I said above you should check out Kelly’s pictures because hers are more true to what you see in real life!




What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Do any of you want this polish? What is your favorite duochrome?

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