♥ The Coffee Quiz! ♥

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I saw this a few days ago on Luchessa’s blog and immediately was drawn in! I periodically do tags on this blog as a way for you guys to get to know me a little better.  Well, if there’s one thing about me that I can share with you it is my freakish obsession with coffee.  So I figured I would start today off with a fun and light post about one of my favorite things besides nail polish!

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1) How many cups of coffee per day? At least 2.  My boyfriend and I have a standing arrangement that we brew a pot of coffee every morning and he gets 1 cup and I get the other 2.  Needless to say our coffee cups hold more than the standard 8 oz.  On top of the standard 2 cups I sometimes will brew a pot later or stop at a coffee shop during the day.  I drink a lot of coffee!

2) What is your favorite caffeine delivery system?  Either my own coffee pot or Starbucks.  We don’t have any other coffee chain restaurants here besides Starbucks.

3) What was your best cup of coffee? My taste in coffee has changed considerably over the years.  If you would have asked me this 5 years ago, I would have said it was a cup of coffee I had in Rome (the Italians are masters at making coffee).  Prior to that I would have said the best cup of coffee is an Iced Caramel Mochiato from Starbucks.  Now, I would say the best cup of coffee is one that I can make myself, at home, with my simple coffee maker.  I know the exact strength I like, the brand I like and the temperature.

4) What was your worst cup of coffee? The worst is by far the coffee they serve at my school! On Mondays and Thursdays, the law library gives free coffee to students.  They make about 10 gallons at once and keep it in a huge brew container.  It tastes like the smelliest ash tray filled with unfiltered cigarettes and weed that is mixed with dirt.  They put out non-diary creamer and sugar to make it better.  Although I don’t like cream and sugar in my coffee, I put it in there to make it bearable to drink, only because its free coffee!

5) What does your favorite mug say? My favorite mug is one that my mom made me.  Last year my boyfriend broke my favorite mug in the world last year while doing dishes.  It said “Zombie Brew” on the outside and could hold half a pot of coffee.  So my mom, who has her own etsy shop for ceramics, made me a huge, bright red coffee mug. Its that much more special because she made it for me.

6) How do you take your coffee? Black.  But I do LOVE flavored coffee as well, but it has to be flavored beans rather than adding a syrup because that makes it too sweet.

7) When was your first cup? A long ass time ago. I remember my mom used to take me to school and stop at Arabica on the way.  She also used to let me have sips of hers.  Sometime in there I had my first cup. Then when I was in middle school a Starbucks opened in my little suburb and that was the hang out place for pretty much everyone in town.

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee date? Yep many times.  Actually my boyfriend and I had MANY when we were first dating because hes more addicted to Starbucks than me.  I’m more addicted to coffee because I’m an equal opportunity coffee drinker (i.e. I’ll drink it all), but he is snobby and will only drink Starbucks.

Now you guys have a little peek into the insanity that is my obsession with coffee! I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this! And if you do, please let me know so I can see a fellow coffee addicts answers as well! Thanks Luchessa for introducing me to this quiz!

Have a great day everyone!

3 thoughts on “♥ The Coffee Quiz! ♥

  1. Fun tag! I dont like coffee unless its something like starbucks. depends on what flavour but mostly i even don’t buy coffee there

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