Color Club “Model Behavior”

IMG_5654Do any of you have that one nail polish that you used to have and keep thinking about? When I was young, I used to buy nail polish from Bath and Body Works. Yeah, it was that long ago! Does anyone remember when Bath and Body Works had a nail polish line?? I bought a ton of them when I was about 8 or 9 years old because every nail polish came with a charm.  I wanted the charms to make a charm necklace rather than the polish because I was a nail biter and a tom boy.  So when I stopped biting my nails after college I went back to my old stash of Bath and Body Works polishes hidden in my bathroom closet.  Surprisingly, most of them were still good! I guess its all those awesome chemicals that used to be in nail polish and I’ll be getting cancer in 5 years.  Anyways, my favorite color from my Bath and Body Works stash was called Lucky Penny and I wore it to death.  Every since, I’ve been looking for a polish to replace it.  I think I may have found it!

IMG_5655Color Club “Model Behavior” is a darker copper penny shimmer.  Its a very rich mahogany copper color and is almost exactly how I remember by Bath and Body Works polish looking.  I know brown polishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really like brown polish.

The formula on this polish has its pro’s and con’s.  Pro: this baby is almost opaque in 1 coat.  This is 2 in the pictures, but I think I could get away with 1 thick coat.  Also, the dry time was pretty good.  Con: this thing was kind of streaky.  When I first applied it, I just started applying as normal.  When I realized it wasn’t going to go on evenly and it would show every brush stroke, I got a little more careful.  After it dried, the brush strokes weren’t as apparent but it was still a little labor of love.  But if you get it opaque in 1 coat, its a quick labor of love!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have a really old polish that you remember fondly? What are your favorite browns?

5 thoughts on “Color Club “Model Behavior”

  1. I am always looking for the perfect copper – Zoya Kaufda is as close as I’ve come but it’s a bit too orange, really. So I’m going to have to look for this one! (Color Club is usually hard to find in my area but I have seen it around more lately, so it’s possible.)

    • i can’t find color club in my area either. i ended up getting this one in a swap. good lucking trying to find it! do you have china glaze “harvest moon” or have you seen it? that is my favorite copper

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