Throwback Thursday! Essie “We Can Do It Pink”

IMG_5888Welcome to another edition of Throw Back Thursday!! Today I’m bringing you one of my first Essie polishes.  When I was getting into nail polish, I experimented with some Essie polishes and this was before Essie was bought out by L’oreal.  Prior to L’oreal becoming Essie’s parent company, the Essie formulas were spotty at best.  They were streaky and sheer and a lot of the time a bitch to deal with.  Also, they had a massive line of sheer baby pinks and at the time that was the last color that I wanted to wear.  I have to be honest, I didn’t own a single pink at that time and I really didn’t like Essie that much.  All of that changed with this polish! This polish was Essie’s Breast Cancer Awareness polish 3 or 4 years ago and I didn’t look twice at it … until it was on clearance for $1.99.  I figured, I could try Essie again and I fell in love.

IMG_5889Essie “We Can Do It Pink” is a really really light baby pink nude.  The color isn’t a true pink and definitely has some tan tones to it, making it a little less girly in my opinion.  Also, its so light that it looks almost chalky on the nails, which is a look I happen to love.  This polish started my love affairs with baby pink shades! I never even considered buying a pink until I wore this and started to understand why so many people love the shade.

This polish was a great follow-up from my last Throwback Thursday post, which I tried out a polish that I used to love and ended up really disliking now.  This was just the opposite.  Wearing it again made me realize why I fell in love with it in the first place.  This is probably one of the best Essie formula’s I’ve ever tried.  Its opaque in just 2 coats and dries really really glossy.  I almost didn’t put a top coat on because it shined so much.  The formula is now a little bit thick, but it was easy to work with and it evened out nicely on the nails.  I absolutely loved wearing this polish and it may start another love affair with baby pink polishes.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite Essie shades? What are your favorite light pinks or nudes?

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday! Essie “We Can Do It Pink”

  1. The colour is ok. I don’t like the brush of Essie it’s too big!! And don’t really like the formula. for some reason they chip so fast

      • Yeah but i don’t like Essie at all because it chips so fast. the colours are pretty but it’s must be a miracle if i buy one the colour must be really special

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