Top 10 Winter Nail Polishes!

I have realized that I really do come back to the same types of colors every season. You can wear whatever color you want, whenever you want, but for me I love changing my polish with the holidays and the weather. I pretty much live in pastels in the Spring, love brights in the Summer and gravitate towards jewel tones in the Fall.

The Winter for me means opposite ends of the color spectrum. I love classy nudes and the mannequin hands look, sheer pearly whites and super super darks. Here are some of my favorite nail polishes to wear in the dead of winter! I hope you guys enjoy!

10 Color Categories:

1. “So Dark It Is Basically Black” polishes
– OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”
– OPI “Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow”
– Zoya “Cynthia”

2. Dark Shimmers
– OPI “OPI Ink”
– Quo by Orly “Night Sky”
– Quo by Orly “Celestial Star”

3. Navy
– OPI “Russian Navy”
– Julep “Elizabeth”

4. Black with glitter
– Butter London “The Black Knight”
– Julep “Chloe”
– China Glaze “Lubu Heels”

5. The Classic Red
– Butter London “Knees Up”
– OPI “Vodka and Caviar”
– Sephora by OPI “Mr. Right Now”

6. Light Nudes
– Deborah Lippmann Naked”
– Color Club “High Society”
– China Glaze “Fast Track”
– Butter London “All Hail The Queen”

7. Taupes
– OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques”
– China Glaze “Fois Gras”

8. Holographic Polishes
– Zoya “Aurora”
– Zoya “Storm”
– China Glaze “Glistening Snow”
– Glitter Gal “Green”
– Color Club “Cherubic”

9. Sheers and Pearlescent colors
– Essence “Gaga-lectric”
– Sinful Colors “Let Me Go”

10. Icy Blues
– Color Club “Blue Heaven”
– Sephora by OPI “Just a Fairytale
– China Glaze “Optical Illusion”
– Zoya “Crystal”

I hope you guys enjoyed this and get some ideas for polishes this season! Thanks for watching!

What are your favorite polishes to wear in the winter?

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Winter Nail Polishes!

  1. Well, I can’t watch the video (unless I want to watch without sound!) since I’m at work, but I will go ahead and say now that I do change my color-preferences seasonally. I don’t really do nudes and very pale pastels much because I don’t think they look good on me, but I tend to do dark reds and also glitters a lot in the winter, and switch over to pinks and greens and such when I get into a spring mood – I just pick slightly deeper versions.

      • Ha, yeah, I am kinda glittered out now – you’re right that that’s exactly when I usually stop, is when I get sick of taking that stuff off. So it depends on how much glitter I wore in December – but a lot of years I do things like red cremes in December and save the glitters for January. I figure after the holidays are over is when I really need the cheeriness of the glitter!

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