Nyx Highlight/Brown/Suede Trio Review!

IMG_5295I have a lot of Nyx products, but I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this is my first Nyx eye shadow!  My friend Holli gave this trio to me and I immediately tore into it.  I absolutely love trios because in my every day look I only use 3 shadows.  And I was especially drawn to this one because it was a trio of all neutral shadows and each shadow seemed absolutely huge!

IMG_5296Keep reading to see swatches and to hear my thoughts on the shadows!

IMG_5298Left to right: Highlight, Brown, and Suede

What I like: Highlight and Suede! I love these 2 colors.  They’re so soft and so velvety to the touch.  They are so pigmented and apply like a dream.

What I Don’t like: Brown.  This shade was a little harder to the touch and wasn’t as pigmented.  My biggest complaint with this palette is that the Brown color should have been darker.  There isn’t any way I can really create a full eye look with this palette because the Suede and Brown colors are so close that they just turn out muddy on your eyes.  Also, each color is the same finish.  They’re all shimmers, but not very shimmery.  Like a cross between a satin and a shimmer, which I probably wouldn’t mind if one of the browns was darker.

Overall, I really love highlight and suede and these 2 shades will definitely be getting a lot of use.  But it kind of goes against the whole point of a trio if you can’t use all 3 in 1 look.  For the price of one of these trios, I’m not upset by not being in love with all of the shades!

Grade: B

Price: $7.00

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