Misa “Disco Queen”

IMG_5675Ready for a glitter? This swatch is a little old because I wore this polish before the holidays, when I was all about glitter.  Every December I go glitter crazy and its always followed by a creme finish filled January. December every year means that I pull out every single glitter in my collection and turn my balls into the tackiest disco balls.  I think I go through my body weight in acetone during the holidays, so I can wear every single one.  Then by January I’m sick of the removal process and sick of seeing my clothing, couch and cat covered in chunky glitter particles.  So I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while.  Not because this isn’t a cool polish, but because I’m loving my boring manicures at the moment.  But because a lovely reader commented on how she loves glitters in January, I felt I owed her a glitter post!

IMG_5677Misa “Disco Queen” is a very very yellow toned gold micro glitter in a clear base.  I don’t have a gold that is anywhere close to this tone, as most of mine are either really brassy/orange toned or neutral toned gold.  So its awesome to have a glitter that is unique to my collection.

The formula on this polish was pretty great for a microglitter.  It was a breeze to work with while applying.  It was opaque in 3 costs and dried really quickly.  My favorite part about this polish is that it doesn’t dry gritty, but instead dries really smooth and glossy!  My only complaint about this polish is that it got EVERYWHERE on removal! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a polish where I was still finding glitter on my clothes, face and hands a few days later. Other than that, its a great microglitter and I’m looking forward to pairing it with some bright yellows for summer!

What do you guys think?  What is your favorite gold glitter? What is your favorite microglitter?

4 thoughts on “Misa “Disco Queen”

  1. Uuuu love this color! I love glitter and unknowingly I’ve been staying away from them I didn’t even realize its until I just read your post. I’ve also had polishes that spread glitter every where even using the foil method, very annoying.

    • i love glitters but theres something about a nice and simple manicure after you’ve been glittered out. thank goodness i’m not the only one who gets annoyed with glitter going everywhere. thanks for reading natasha!

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