Misa “It’s You”

IMG_5687I have for you guys today a rather complex polish.  I sat down to write this post and have since written and deleted everything twice.  I just don’t exactly know what to write! Fellow bloggers out there, does this ever happen to you? Where you have a complex polish where you could say so much but can’t seem to find the words? While looking at the picture I see more and more depth to this and it makes me want to run and put this right back on. 

Misa “Its You” is a dark grey that in some lights leans to a purple toned grey, a blue toned grey, or a green toned grey.  Then there’s the slight duochromatic shimmer.

IMG_5688This polish looks like a duochrome in the bottle, but when you get it on the nail it really is a grey with a shimmer.  But the shimmer looks different in every light as well.  Sometimes is a grey with teal shimmer, sometimes its blue shimmer, and sometimes its purple shimmer.  I’m so confused, but totally mesmerized at the same time!

The formula on this polish didn’t capture me as much as the amazing color.  The formula was thin and very watery, which I’ve never experienced with a Misa polish.  It was kind of hard to control because it was so watery.  The dry time was just so so and it needed 3 coats to be opaque.  But for an incredibly complex polish, I can put up with a dodgy formula.

What do you guys think? Do you ever put up with a polish with a bad formula just because the color is so amazing?

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