Layla Ceramic Effect CE52

IMG_5712Happy Friday everyone! I have a fun polish to show you guys today.  A few months ago, I saw at Ulta and saw that Layla had a new collection out.  Layla is an Italian brand that is available online and for us in the US, available at Ulta.  Layla seems very ahead of the curve when it comes to nail polish and trends.  They were the first brand that made magnetic nail polish available for us in the US.  They also came out with a holographic line about a year before everyone else started releasing holographics.  And now, they came out with a texture collection called the Ceramic Effects.  I only picked up 3 of the polishes, but the Ceramic Effects polishes are a mixture of mattes, chunky glitters in a jelly base, and flakies.  When I saw this collection, this was the first polish I grabbed because it looks like its a dupe of an NfuOh polish that I’ve wanted for about 3 years!

IMG_5715Layla CE52 (they don’t have names) is a dark purple sheer jelly base with opal flakes.  Can you say amazing! My camera couldn’t capture the gorgeousness that is this polish and turned it more blue.  In real life, its the perfect deep purple without much blue.  The flakes shimmer mostly red but you do get the entire spectrum at the right angle, where it changes from red, orange, yellow and green.

The formula was pretty sheer and easy to manage.  It was 3 coats to get opaque and the dry time was pretty slow.  But the jelly finish means that you can wear this on its own or you can layer it over other colors.  So if you have a red or blue polish you want to liven-up, this would be perfect.

What do you guys think of this polish? What are your favorite flakies?

15 thoughts on “Layla Ceramic Effect CE52

  1. That’s a unique colour I have a similar one from forever 21 it is a black base with red micro glitter in it it looks so pretty on the nails


  2. I have this one too and I love it!! Beautiful sparkling polish and the flakes, oh man!! One of my favs. It really gets smooth when it dries too. Surprisingly so. But it does take awhile to dry and I wish it wasn’t so much for one little bottle!

  3. I love polishes with a jelly formula and this one looks absolutely fantastic! I really wish we had Ulta in Canada, you guys seem to get some really cool stuff there that I haven’t seen up here yet. Thanks for sharing Holly, more for the online shopping wishlist!

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