Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box Palette

IMG_5925For all of you guys who are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, then you know I have a giveaway going on right now! When I was shopping for prizes I saw that Urban Decay released a new palette that was exclusive to Ulta, so I ran to check it out.  I ended up picking up a few palettes that day, 2 for you guys and I got this one for myself!

IMG_5927If you guys want to see the 10 shadows and get a glimpse at a palette you could win, keep on reading!

IMG_5928The Sustainable Shadow Box Palette has a bamboo case that swivels open to reveal a mini mirror and 10 shadows.  As far as I know, and from what my research has told me, none of these shadows are new or exclusive to this palette.  Some of these shadows are in the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, as well as sold individually.  Personally, I own 2 of the 10 shadows already.  The palette also comes with a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion and a travel size pencil brush.

IMG_5930I really like the new packaging of the Primer Potion minis.  I think I can actually get all of the product out of these tubes, unlike the old packaging.  The brush on the other hand doesn’t work as well for me.  It’s a nice brush to have in my collection, but it really only works as a liner brush for me.  Its a nice liner brush or smudger brush, but I can’t do a whole look with it, which is kind of the point of putting a brush inside a palette.

IMG_5932YDK, Flipside, Grifter, Uzi, Twice Baked

  • YDK: a medium toned bronze brown shimmer
  • Flipside: greenish teal shimmer
  • Grfiter: muted pale rose shimmer
  • Uzi: white shimmer with glitter
  • Twice Baked: dark brown shimmer

All of these swatches were on their own, without any primer.  I absolutely love YDK and Twice Baked.  Both are extremely pigmented, especially for not using a primer underneath these swatches. Flipside and Grifter are both pretty, but not as pigmented.  These 2 were the least pigmented in the entire palette for me.  Also, the texture of these 2 were a little hard.  Uzi is pretty but extremely glittery, which you can’t really see from the swatch, so be prepared for fallout.

IMG_5939Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slick, Kiddie Pool, Half Baked

  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again:  light pink champagne shimmer with heavy glitter
  • Flash: medium blue toned purple shimmer
  • Oil Slick: black with silver shimmer
  • Kiddie Pool: light blue shimmer
  • Half Baked: dark gold shimmer

All of these are over bare skin, no primer.  All of these are really really pigmented and glide on nicely.  Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is a glitter so be prepared for some fall out, but this is one of the shades that I have a single eye shadow and I love it.  I am really impressed with how pigmented Flash is and Half Baked is a must have shade for anyone who doesn’t own another Urban Decay palette.

Overall, I really like this palette because it has some fun shades and some neutrals.  Flipside and Grifter are the pigment problem children of the palettes, but you can build them up to get the color in the palette.  There are some downsides to this palette though.  There aren’t any matte shades and there isn’t a workable highlight shade.  There are 2 glitters and 8 shimmers and the 2 lightest shades also happen to be the glitters (which I will not be putting on my brow bone).  If there was 1 medium brown matte shade I would be able to make so many looks with this palette.  But I love the mix of neutrals and colors!

Grade: B-

Price: $39.00

What do you guys think? Do any of you have any of these shadows, either in this palette or in others?

oh and hint hint, if you are in the US and Canada, Urban Decay is on HauteLook today! There are 3 palettes on sale until Wednesday, including the one that I’m giving away!

If you want a chance to win this palette and you haven’t already entered, you can go to my YouTube page!

Or, you can enter the blog giveaway here! This palette isn’t included but there’s another Urban Decay palette up for grabs!

And if you want

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